A Fictional Story.

Written by Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

The Planet Tarsa-Ya-Ati could easily be mistaken for our Planet Earth, as it is not just the third planet orbiting its Star, whose name is Ish-Ta-Ar. It is located within 2022 Light Years of our planet.

The name of this planet means Dry-Land, and has its origins in one of the planet’s ancient languages. Logically, this implies that it is inhabited by a Technological Civilisation, one also almost identical to ours!

The Planet Tarsa-Ya-Ati has a Biosphere that has evolved in a manner virtually identical to ours, and, oddly enough, the History of its Humanoids has happened in such a manner, that it too has only recently begun to become a spacefaring civilisation!

Unfortunately, though its Humanoids, who call themselves Sapi, the plural of Sap, are a hybrid species who were produced by a highly advanced civilisation Eons older than theirs; the Sapi of Tarsa-Ya-Ati have been as divided and as dangerous are our own World’s peoples, constantly waging wars over increasingly limited resources, whilst achieving the technological means to further over-populate their World, causing further devastation to their own biosphere and its vulnerable flora and fauna.

I could end writing about this tragic, sad, mad World…that of the Planet Tarsa-Ya-Ati…at this point, because not only is it rather depressing and extremely frustrating to observe such a mirror-image World, but there is basically nothing I could ‘tell’ you that you, or any other person reading this, would find significantly different from that of our World and our own contemporary Historical Reality!


But I will continue this story. This fictional story of a fictional World where Objective Truth and Facts are subjected to what one side of the most major violent conflict calls ‘Active Measures’. [ see: Active Measures and RIRA ]

You see; though both of the two main sides of Planet Tarsa-Ya-Ati’s ‘currently’ engage in this horrific form of warfare…¿aren’t all forms of warfare horrific? …. a methodical political warfare which includes offensive programs such as disinformation, propaganda, deception, sabotage, destabilization, subversion, and espionage; one side, the oligarchical empire of Ru-Ot-Siya is far more advanced in its use of this form of political warfare than its main opponent; which, though somewhat able to take counter-measures, is less inclined to. ¿Why so? Because the enemy of Ru-Ot-Siya, the Vestre-Yanki happen to be somewhat inclined to something almost the same as what we call Democracy and its various parametrics, whereby in order to encourage inventiveness and invention, creativity and imagination are not as suppressed by the Vestre-Yanki as they are by the Ru-Ot-Siya! Which, if you care to really think about it introspectively, would lead you to understand that the Ru-Ot-Siya are ruled by what we would call Kleptocratic and Plutocratic Oligarchical family clans, headed by hardcore gangster ‘Dons’, whilst the Vestre-Yanki are somewhat less so; until more recent times.

In recent times the cumulative success of the Ru-Ot-Siyan method of political warfare, as directed by its ruthless leader, Russ-Piyut-Yin The Terrifying, has been such that opportunistic populist ideological extremists, i.e. fascists driven by racist and supremacist negative-eugenical ideas, having been indirectly financed by the Ru-Ot-Siyan merchants that the rather naive Vestre-Yankis’ corrupted leaders extremely carelessly allowed to operate within their own regions, because they, the corrupted Vestre-Yanki political and private sector leaders were fooled into thiking that they had defeated the Ru-Ot-Siyans culminating in the fake end of what was called Kalt War, because it was not a typical Ka-isti War… Ka-isti means ‘hot as fire’.

And the thing is that the Vestre-Yanki group of nations had always prided themselves in being Da-mo-tik nations, where even the leaders are merely supposed to be elected and restricted by the will of the majority of the people and by constitutions that supposedly are designed to prevent dictatorships.

But now, as the Planet Tarsa-Ya-Ati faces the very real threat of a Final Mass Extinction Level Event that would be the result of excessive pollution and destruction of the planet’s ecosystems and the planet’s biosphere itself, the Ru-Ot-Siya, rather than totally seize and stop all their hostilities, continue to ramp up their “Active Measures’ method of methodical political warfare!

The only slight possibility that the World of the humanoid peoples of the Planet Tarsa-Ya-Ati might be able to avert this likely impending Final Mass Extinction Level Event, would be if its leaders would truly pay attention to and listen to the free advice of its eccentric intellectuals, especially the one promoting something identical to Asimovian Robotonomics.

This Fictional Story is not yet over, and so You will have to be patient…while hoping that Asimovian Robotonomics will finally begin to be implemented, especially by the EU and North America’s Three Nations…. until further developments take place, and eventualities happen. Of course, logically, that all depends also upon whether or not dangerous people financed and promoted by other dangerous people are finally revealed and exposed for the general public to clearly see what they really are: fascists who seek to destroy democracies on behalf of the oligarchical plutocratic and kleptocratic fascist loose-network of the World, that exploits the Internet and Cyberspace to perpetrate the worst crimes and forms of violence ever!

NOT THE ENDfor now

we must hope….


really Non-Fictionally!

Written by Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

“A Fictional Story” is JP Fenyo ©.2021. All Rights & Lefts Reserved.

Note: for further information on Asimovian Robotonomics read the below linked article ( and Google in both image search and all search ).




I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!

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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!

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