A Letter To A Friend

By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher-Poet-Artist.


I observe the planet….so many ‘people’…most are not Humans, they’re our fellow mammals…and they have individual Souls and I see no evidence of a ‘God’ that would allow those totally defenceless furry creatures ( Opossums, Hedgehogs, Lemurs etc.), and our aquatic mammal cousins, Cetaceans ( Whales, Dolphins, Manatees, Porpoises, Walruses, Seals etc. ), Koalas, Pandas, Giraffes, Big and Small wild cats, Monkeys, Primates, Higher Primates, etc., Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Hares, etc.…I see no ‘God’ who would allow them to be at our mercy and suffer such horrors.


My understanding of G*D is a Spiritual Entity that is the Super-Soul from which all Souls of all Life emanate. That is also the G*D of Ray Bradbury, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, and Baruch Spinoza. That is the G*D who does not play dice with the Infinite Universe, nor play senseless Psychological Control Games with Us.

And Evil is born of Deranged Brains and Brainwashed Minds…. Period.

Ignorance is Narrow-minded, Short-term-oriented, Shallow Thinking… It is basically the equivalent of not really Thinking at all!

Enlightenment, Wisdom, is Open-minded, Long-term-oriented, Deep Thinking. It is Super-Conscious Thinking! And it is not New Age nonsense and un-Scientific Superstitionistic Insanity.


I Live for THEM, the non-Human Animals, the Persons within all Mammals. and for You and my other Few Loved Ones.

I do not Live for anyone who would intentionally harm any other Person, whether that Person is a non-Human Animal or a Human Animal, for whatever reason that was not truly in self-defense and/or in defense of others.

AND THAT is the problem with most Humans: their ideas, ideologies, their cults, cultures, family clans, tribes ( collection of clans ), nations ( collection of tribes ), their chauvinisms and insecurities: THEY ALL WRECK THIS WORLD my FRIEND!

I am not against standing up and speaking out for any minority groups who are facing genocidal extermination by the majority group where they live. I currently continue to face an effort to destroy me, by such racist antisemitic fascists. Have faced very serious attempts to destroy me, some having caused lasting harm, ever since I was born. Did not know it for certain ( that I am specifically targeted ), did not find it out until relatively recently ( past 25 years, and much more acutely so: past 4 years ). Seems no one in the news media…has yet cared to consider that everything I’ve been reporting is true and that my story is much, much bigger than that of most others.

Whatever happens; I am not willing to martyr myself for anyone, for any group or any ideology: because that is ILLOGICAL BEHAVIOUR and has never achieved the supposed purpose.

And I am not a hypocrite, nor some spineless opportunist. For I am willing to help defend first my Loved Ones provided they do not act irrationally, illogically, un-Scientifically and un-Ethically.

I am exactly like Mr. Spock in the original Star Trek. And, as it turns out, very similar to Leonard Nimoy the actor and person himself.

I dislike nationalism and extremism of any kind.

I have tons to do and live for, and all the persons who ever failed to appreciate me are not the measure of who I am and what I live for.

Love is not about One Person. It is about Two Persons or more who also Love the Furry Mammals and all other Persons, Human or not, who Love Life, Freedom, Liberty, Cooperation, Coexistence, Tolerance of Tolerant Others, etc.

That is who I am my FRIEND.

You are unique and you have done wonderful things, such as help save my Life to some extent, etc.

Do not lower yourself to the level of The Ship of Fools, or the Top Fools, who having been fooled themselves from early on, Fool Other Fools and seek to profit off Human Conflict and Violence.

I know You know this, in your heart.

Is there Hope left? I think so. But there is also increasing danger! Rapidly increasing.

Will enough of Humanity come to understand things as I do, soon enough??

As dark as things feel and in many ways are: I meet a few Non-Fools….People Who Really Care….Like You, Us…. I do.

The Lords of War might seem to be gaining the advantage and taking over almost everywhere, but that is mostly the view they want us to think is Reality.

The Reality is far more Complex and Dynamically Changing.

Major Change is coming very soon! Let’s not assume the worst, till it’s either Almost All Over, or a New World Emerges.

There is Hope. And the Wise Person does not panic nor allow the Fools Who Fool Fools to also Fool them. We do what little we can to save a Life here and there.

And maybe that is just the one extra Life that prevents disaster, and which may help turn the tide, away from Ignorance and Irrational Fear & Hate.

Best, your friend,


February 14, 2022.

Perpignan, Le Centre du Monde, selon Salvador Dali…et moi…

Catalunya… adentro de la Francia y la España…

Union Europeo.

Le Monde.




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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!