A Letter to Someone, for All.

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
9 min readApr 11, 2022


By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

A Picture of a bit of my Two-Months-long Sit-Sleep and Daily Presence Pro-EU Anti-Orban, Anti-Putin Request for Help in April and May 2019 on the premises of The European Union’s Parliament in Brussels. Oh! You did not know about this either! Not surprising, given how corrupt things are these days.

The following letter has been digested/edited for general readership:


Thank You for taking the trouble to slowly and eventually read this.

The criminals who corrupted our World’s key institutions caused this pathogen series to happen in order to cause much wider and severe chaos. They thought they could do so and secretly avoid the worst.

But they are too narrow-minded to conceive the truth: the biosphere’s extremely ultra-complex reality cannot be messed with without devastating consequences that affect all humanity, themselves included!

I was already very seriously ill after the deliberate poisoning by agents of Orban and Putin, agents of real dangerous fascists, i.e. ruthless thugs, criminals, in 1999, by the time the current pathogenic pandemic hit me in late February and early March of 2020.

It is only on account of the measures I had to take all these years…including having my own Pulse-Oxymeter finger-clip device which allowed me to monitor my Oxygen levels and Heart-Rate that I was able to measure the effects of any interventions I needed to take to try to find some way to survive this pathogen, and it was a miracle that I had the basics already aforehand: the mineral supplements…Mg and K and the Vitamins B-12 Methylcobalamin and Vitamin C… and enough Aspirin! Also, it was very fortunate that my apartment in Brussels, the EU Quarter near the EU Parliament, the EU Commission and Council buildings, was situated such that my window opened to the side-walk and that I happened to have enough money put aside too; so that I could ask people to buy me Aspirin and Food.etc..

Had my apartment been one floor or more above street level: I would have died! Had I gone to any hospital: I would have died! Had they managed to illegally evict me…which they tried by blatant lies and threats: I would have died!

It was truly a miracle! Even though the rental agency itself tried to murder me by deliberately shutting off my heating! And I had had the sense to prevent them from accessing the electrical box, by using the turn-latch-lock that they had not removed…though they had already removed the regular lock from the key fire-safety metal-reinforced main door!!!

My dear SOMEONE: the nasties were conspiring and continue to conspire to eliminate me, as per what my grandfather…blessed be his memory…did in trying to warn everyone in 1933 with his “Hitler: A Study” brief essay booklet: which he distributed to other Members of the Parliament in Budapest, Hungary the Winter of 1933–1934…and which he cleverly also had previously. published in his all-important periodical “NYUGAT”.

Though his booklet did not manage to serve its full purpose, as he was viscously attacked for delivering his speech in Parliament…in which he made reference to his study on Hitler’s Mein Kampf and warned Hungary not to join any Axis power…he did manage to get the total attention of the nasties everywhere! Especially the Hungarian-German Nazis, the German Nazi Party itself, including the SS high command, the Gestapo and Hitler himself: who placed my grandfather on his own vendetta list; which is still in effect, as remnant descendants of actual Nazis, Arrow-Cross, Horthy-ist Fascists, and now all Fascists everywhere seek to eliminate all the relatives and descendants of all those on that vendetta list.

Unfortunately, the fact that Hungary has its own unique language that is unrelated to the main languages of Europe, and the fact that Hungary was taken over by the Russian Imperialist Fascists who pretended to be democratic Socialists….who still do…this most incredible true story of what my grandfather did….which no other intellectual Hebrew dared do in all of Europe or anywhere else….is still unknown to the World at large.

My grandpa was equally interested in saving all lives possible….not just those of his fellow persecuted….persecuted and tortured and murdered for more than two millennia and more so then ever since the Inquisition and then the modern-day fascists….

So; as he was a true humanistic defender of the inalienable universal human rights of all individual persons ( which is essential )….so: given all that his heroic efforts at raising alarm bells…being the yellow canary in the coal mine…warning about the gravest danger to all humanity years before anyone else: the Russian Imperialists of the USSR and the Remnant Nazis and all other Fascists elsewhere…who also infiltrated the key nations and institutions of our World…even the one that was supposed to be a safe-haven…. all of these entities made certain to prevent the World from ever knowing the true story of a Semitic Hebrew Jew…albeit who converted to Catholicism out of societal survival necessity…because to remain Jewish at that time would have prevented my grandpa from being able to publish his views, those of his fellow NYUGAT editors, writers and poets….who were seeking to truly enlighten and modernise Hungary…

The World knows a few very impressive true stories: that of Anne Frank…blessed be her memory….that of those who were saved by Oscar Schindler’s willingness to change his ideological course and save as many of the thousands he could…just before they too would have been brutally tortured and horrifically murdered… and some of the World knows the true stories of heroic efforts to escape…such as the “Escape from Sobibor” and many true stories of Semitic Jews who joined the anti-fascist partisan groups…who were most essential to ensuring that The Allied Forces would succeed in liberating Europe from the fascist militaries of Nazi Germany and other fascist nations…

But the World at large does not know the story of Miksa Fenyo… .and the recently published English translation of his World War Two diary…which I also helped translate….having done around 20% of the translation for my father…who translated most of it: his diary is not something made popular and was not published widely for mass readership: so that World still does not the true story of what my grandpa did in 1933!

BECAUSE if it did; then there would already be an offer to make a movie about my grandpa and his heroic effort to try to prevent WW2. And I would not be in the endangered as I still am, including by the descendants of these remnant Nazis who are sworn to obey Hitler’s every wish; including his vendettas.

THIS ALONE PROVES how evil many are…especially in certain academic circles. They do not want the World to know about a Jew who ….had his warning been seriously considered….could have prevented World War Two !!!


Because that would actually seriously dispel the dangerously false notion that Semites…whether Sephardi Jews or other types of Jews, whether non-Jewish Semites from North Africa and the Middle East….were not as we are portrayed: eternal victims only. My grandfather was one a few heroic Semites who tried to prevent World War Two; and that proves that it was not just non-Jews among the progressive left-wing of Germany during the Weimar Republic and some few non-Jewish intellectuals in the USA who tried to raise the alarm bell!

The World’s non-Jews get the dangerously false impression that we Semitic Hebrews, Jews, are a Victim People Always Crying and “Playing the Weeping Fiddle” for ourselves.


Many also do not know about the few non-Jewish Semites…intellectuals who had grown up in France and French colonised North African nations: French Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and in Syria and Lebanon too: who were opposed to the foolish majority of their own native populations: who were heavily duped to think that fascism was the way for them too to rid themselves of all non-Muslims from their lands!

Even today…especially in these times: North African Arab Muslim Semites and Middle Eastern Arab Semites do not know about the fact that there were bright-minded intellectuals of their own ethnicity with moderate pro-secular world-views…who, though of somewhat religious Muslim and Christian parentage…were opposed to anti-secularists….i.e. opposed to dangerous theocratic and plutocratic and kleptocratic fascists.

So…anyway; my grandpa’s story is very, very important, and the whole World of concerned persons cannot afford to fail to let all of the World know this, because the actual Historical truth, the actual evidential record is what can put an end to all sorts of dangerous misconceptions.

The dangerously false notion of the eternally self-sorry Semite is toxic and helps further fuel anti-Hebrew and also anti-Arab antisemitism!

The real historical truth is one in which the anti-fascist democracy and individual human rights upholding Semites of all types were shunned by those, who for racist reasons…antisemitic reasons…, want the World to hate the wise ancient Hebrew-Egyptian teachings of Moses, who was also the same person as Akhenaten…. because real modern ethics comes from Musa’s unique philosophy of life that tells of an Eternal Spirit Entity that is the source of All Life and which fully differentiates between justified self-defence and unjustifiable murder; and which is the foundation of true Ethics….which was most profoundly elucidated by the masterpiece philosophical treatise of Baruch Spinoza…the greatest Sephardi Hebrew Semite ever…and also the Father of all Ethics today!

Fascists hate the words, the ideas of Spinoza and other Enlightened geniuses. They hate the truth of the inalienable universal rights of all individuals to freedom of conscience, freedom of non-malicious existence, freedom to live freely, free from slavery, oppression, repression, suppression, the right to privacy, private property, and the right to a safe, ethical, freedoms-protecting society, and real security that never comes at the expense of individual human rights, freedoms, liberty.

The fascists…in effect any and all who oppose real democracy….hate individuality. They sickly glorify the sick ideas of obedient masses, throngs of un-free people who will obey the chosen leader, who will serve as totally subservient and obedient soldiers and slaves of the fascist leader and his inner circle of elitist fascists.

My grandpa, Miksa Fenyo, was very fond of all the enlightenment intellectual geniuses: from Baruch Spinoza to Giacomo Girolamo Casanova ( de Seingalt ), to Voltaire, Maximillien Robespierre, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, etc.

The World today would never consider any fascist political party or personality IF it were properly educated.

The great universities of the World eventually became corrupted and have failed to elevate the general public!

I am and have been one of the first few open critics to highlight the failure and corruption of the Liberal Arts Institutions of Higher Learning to avoid becoming infiltrated and undermined by the enemies of humanity, the enemies of individuality, the enemies of freedom, the enemies of liberty, the enemies of open honest societies, the enemies of LIFE ITSELF!

I have argued that the World needs to also listen carefully to those few of us truly highly educated autodidacts….eccentric self-educated intellectuals, and not just strictly rely on the formally educated and accredited.

My book…which I made free for all to read but which was suppressed …”The Most Important Thought” … was read in some far off places by many thousands!

In Manipur India!

Among the higher intellectual circles of Taiwan and Mainland China! Some of the few progressives who are forced to keep quiet in Pakistan too!

My idea that thinking…meditating on the notion and eternal reality of INFINITY…true infinity…generates wisdom, which is essential to enlightened thinking; is known to a few of the most influential progressives left around. BUT they are not aware of the fact that we truly enlightened intellectuals are targeted by this global-reach assortment of fascists…from even before I was born, exactly on account of the brave and heroic intellectual deed my grandfather did!

People do not know these things.

The World cannot go on in such chaos, confusion, and corruption.

Darkness of minds leads to disease, destruction and death. Ignorance is the first and foremost plague that gives rise to ill health.

We need a World of Mr. Spocks, of Maria Montessoris, Carl Sagans, Ray Bradburys, Isaac Asimovs, of Scientific Logic and Enlightened Reason! Not of Niccolo Machiavellis and Steve Bannons and Orbans and so forth….

Thank You for taking the trouble required to slowly, considerately, pensively, introspectively eventually read this.



ADY … the Magyar Poet Laureate who my grandfather, Miksa Fenyo, befriended and supported.



Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!