An Open Letter To My Fellow Democrats

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

We’re on a relatively small, fragile Planet, orbited by a Moon where we not long ago saw it! We saw Us all!

My dear fellow Americans for Democracy,

I saw the following story about a man whose boss is willing to destroy our country’s democracy:



So I wrote this:

Whenever we witness these absolute violations which endanger us all, not just us Americans, but the Whole World, we must think to ourselves, we must try hard to imagine just how absolutely angry truly responsible Politicians and Presidents of past History would be…and would take these matters so, so, so seriously and do whatever humanly and lawfully possible to stop these things!

Imagine Benjamin Franklin witnessing this!

Imagine Abraham Lincoln witnessing this!

Imagine Franklin Delano Roosevelt witnessing this!

Imagine Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower witnessing this!

Imagine John Fitzgerald Kennedy witnessing this!

Imagine the late Senator Paul Simon … someone I was so honoured to have met in person…witnessing this!

Imagine the late Governor Paul Tsongas … also someone I was rooting for … witnessing this!

Just imagine the things they would have said, stated, on the record, and the things they would have done to make certain these things never, ever can happen again.

Fortunately we have Congressman Adam Schiff, Representative Jamie Raskin, Senator Corey Anthony Booker, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Jerry Nadler …to name a good few*… all witnessing this, and all doing all they possibly can to make certain these extremely dangerous things, these violations of laws, as part of total contempt for Our Constitution, shall never, ever happen again!

[ *anyone not mentioned was not excluded intentionally out of negative bias ]

AND yet …

And yet the ones who are part of this undermining of our Secular Democratic Constitution and truly American Way of Representative Democracy, the ones dangerously destabilising the most already-potentially-volatile conflicts…are also doing everything they can to violate the right to vote! Imagine!

Imagine, how will generations to come look back upon these most egregious violations of our Democracy and its Constitution…what will they think of those who simply stood by … talk about the bystander effect ( ! ) … and either did nothing or way too little??

Will we even have generations to come?!

What don’t so many people get?!?

These are not bad jokes!

These are very harmful violences, very harmful endangerments, that have already resulted in deaths and in giving our foreign enemies encouragement to continue their insane game of chicken…basically saying to us all: “…if you don’t let us criminalise the whole World and take it over, we’ll not hesitate to risk total, final war!”

We cannot be complacent.

Real Security begins with understanding that those who are anti-democratic and who regularly commit acts that cumulatively are part of Grand Theft World, will not hesitate to devise any method, orchestrate any clever deception-based masterplan geared towards World Domination, by the methods described by Niccoló Machiavelli in “The Prince”. I suggest we all read that book ( book is here ), and begin to see that these are kleptocratic plutocratic anti-democratic fascists…real nasty type pirates, thugs, willing to murder people, to harm innocent people, vulnerable people…to attain total control!

The Founders understood all too well what the Thirty Years War did to Europe!

They understood what an insane King did to them!

They wanted us to be Free, Liberated from Slavery, from Oppression, and from all manner of Inhumanities!

They wanted us to share compassionately and make progress towards a truly more perfect union…and they perfectly understood that there is not such thing as real security at the very expense of our inalienable, individual, universal Human Rights!

Hence they and those inspired by them stated it…unequivocally: ( I am paraphrasing here ) ‘…we are not a Christian nation, not a Jewish nation, not a Muslim nation, not a nation of any one religion, but a nation for all faiths and none! A democracy of the people, for the people, by the people…’

And I state this: to save our Union we need Guaranteed Basic Income and Guaranteed Basic Housing that ensures we all have real privacy and real security! For only a country united in tolerant diversity can achieve the things we shall achieve! We must achieve! We will achieve!

Please friends; don’t just read this; think about the implications of what these conflict-profiteering opportunists are doing, share this letter widely as I cannot afford to hire a Public Relation firm, and make sure you do all you can to help get HR. 1 — For The People Act passed.

~ Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc. } and someone directly targeted and already serious harmed for speaking up and speaking out! {.

#ForThePeopleAct #StopFascism #AsimovianRobotonomics #LoveWins

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Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo is the one holding the FREE ADVICE sign. The other person is Anonymous. “Hello”.

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyő is a Poet-Philosopher and Audio-Visual Artist/Moviemaker who is almost unknown to most people of Planet ONELOVE ( #PLANETONELOVE ), but You can change that, if You really care to. Because JP would do that for You if You were prevented from being world-famous by certain very powerful and unwise people. JP is the author of, “The Most Important Thought” ( book ), originator of Universal & International Infinity Day, Asimovian Robotonomics, and was made famous in 1987 as ‘The Free Advice Man’ when Alec Wilkinson wrote him up in The New Yorker magazine ( August 17, 1987, pages 18–19 ). The article was re-published in Alec Wilkinson’s anthology: ‘Mr. Apology and other essays’ in 2003 ( Houghton Mifflin publishers ). JP’s latest endeavour is to produce a series for a major online streaming service provider, titled ‘SciFi Dimensions’, comparable to Rod Serling’s ‘The Twilight Zone’. JP lives in a little, special place called Perpignan, France, on the coast of the Pyrénées-Orientales… which consists of three river valleys in the Pyrenees mountain range…from north to south, those of the Agly, Têt and Tech … on the Côte Sablonneuse … not far from Montpellier, which is not far from Marseilles. If you’d like to contact JP: you can do so via his YouTube Channel or The Free Advice Man fb page…just remember: We’re Suppose to be Homo-Sapiens…not Homo-Ignoramuses.

Asimovian Robotonomics : An Ethical, Environmental, Scientific, Technological and Social System of Economics, as a form of UBI + UBH. Term coined in 2011 ( September 30th ) by silly little me ( Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo ), in honour of the late Grand-Master of Science-Fiction and Science-Faction, author and/or editor of over 500 books … considered the most prolific among the most influential SciFi and Pop-Science Authors of Planet Earth in the 20th Century ( 1920–1992 ). Asimovian Robotonomics has already indirectly influenced millions of people around the World. The basic introduction to Asimovian Robotonomics was published by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo in 2015 in what was then ‘OMNI-Reboot’ ( an E-magazine ), which later changed to ‘Futurism’, ‘Vocal’. #AsimovianRobotonomics



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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!