An Open Letter To The President of The United States of America, President Joseph R. Biden.

From Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, a long-time Respecter, Ally and Supporter.

Then-Senator Joe Biden of Delaware ( now President ) with Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Winter DNC 2007.

Dear Mr. President, President Joseph R. Biden,

PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR BELOVED Representative Adam Schiff, especially as he has written a wisely worded letter of condemnation against what the Entity who caused immense harm and posed mortal danger to our country did seek to do.

We cannot afford to fail to stop these fascists. Fascism is obviously illegal and The Constitution prohibits enemies of The Constitution of The United States of America from running for and holding office. This was explicitly understood generations ago, at the founding of The United States of America and up till some time after the death President Roosevelt. Fascism is not to be restricted in its definition by the fact that it was used as the label for The Italian Fascist Party of Mussolini as such.

I shall state that which, to my way thinking, is something we both totally agree on, just to ensure that we are on the same page, share the same understanding of these matters of penultimate consequence, and that I am not mis-understood:

The general meaning of Fascism predates that. Fascism is clearly any anti-democratic form of Fascism, and forms of Fascism are anti-democratic. Democracy is clearly the very opposite of Fascism, because Democracy is not about a single Ruler, Leader, Dictator supported by a bundle of subservient, obedient, accomplices, willing to murder others to undermine society, to gradually corrupt everything so as to eliminate Democracy, and to further murder people in order to remain in power. Democracy is the anti-murder system of social coexistence through constructive cooperation and creative compromise, with practically everything, every important key decision and contingency plan for any potential eventuality and emergency, decided by a democratic vote. One vote per citizen. A vote by which the majority decide what is and what is not to be policy and who is and who is not to be a policy-maker political representative, all within the context of a sustainable reality, a real democracy, where there is a Democratic Constitution that ensures that even those in the opposition have certain inalienable individual rights, liberties, freedoms, which includes the implied provision of the means to survive and hold those very same universal inalienable human rights, freedoms, and liberties. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These and all other essential wordage of The Constitution have a very clearly understood meaning, and the very idea of checks and balances itself, and the separation of powers of the three branches of government, namely The Executive, The Legislative and The Judiciary, are all clearcut evidence that any form of Fascism, be it Plutocracy, Theocracy, Kleptocracy, etc., and any combination of these, were meant to be understood as strictly prohibited and illegal.

Hence, enemies domestic and foreign were never to be allowed to run for official government office, nor to remain in any official government position and capacity, should it be obvious that there is indisputable evidence to remove such persons from office, to prosecute them and bring such persons to face trial in the courts, where if found guilty, with no fair reason in their defence, they must not be allowed to run for office and they must be curtailed from being able to cause further harm.

It seems as generations passed on the baton of democratic governance, their sense of the meaning of words, their understanding of key ideas, eroded, and democracy never failing in being what it is, eternally valid, was thus failed by its people.

The private sector managed to take over. Just as Separation of Church ( Religious Authority ) from State ( Government Authority ) is clearly expressed in Our Constitution, for our Key Founders were persons with a Deist sense of non-divisive unity-in-diversity and clearly did not intend Our Country to be a Christian country, nor a Country run by any Religion at all, but rather a Secular Democracy even for the non-religious and the atheist, so was it clearly implied that Separation of Corporate, in effect the Private Sector Businesses, from the Public Sector, must be maintained, and yet we see, we witness such horrors as an un-Constitutionally overtaken Supreme Court siding with the Private Sector against The Public Trust, when it ruled in favour of Citizens United, in the case of Citizens United versus The Federal Elections Commission in 2010. Keith Olbermann, bless him, spoke out against the decision of January 21, 2010, wisely and correctly, foreseeing and fore-sensing the implications of this un-Constitutional ‘decision’ made by a those who had been deliberately planted in Our Supreme Court by those seeking to dismantle its very purpose! Such a danger could have been averted all along.

There is a way to stop these insanities, these violations of Our Constitution, and it is by more explicitly outlawing Plutocracy, Theocracy, Kleptocracy, etc., in effect outlawing Fascism and prohibiting Fascists from being able to run for official government office or from holding official positions in government and its key institutions, agencies, including the military and police. Mr. President, the time to act is now. You must speak to the nation and declare a national emergency, as the evidence presented to you is overwhelming. Any hesitation, any procrastination, out of fear that an all-out, open Civil War would begin to unfold, is unwarranted. Why? Because the true majority of The People already understand and experience the serious harm and further threat, and because the responsibility is yours, and there are intelligent ways to present this most urgent matter to The Public.

Our Founders would not expect or demand any less.

Otherwise we will have is ourselves to blame when the enemy within, the domestic enemies of Our Constitution’s Secular Democracy, with or without further help from the enemy without, the foreign enemies, through clever tricks, deceptions and orchestrations thereof, manage to end your Presidency’s ability to do what must be done before it is way too late. I am here, ready for any consultation, in relation to how to proceed. Time is fast running out to do that which must be done in order to remain true to The Oath of Office, to our Constitutional Secular Democracy, to America!

One might assume anything about my motives, including that I am actually hoping for chaos to ensue. But I am certain if you really think about this and consult your trusted advisors, you will see that I am correct. The longer this is delayed, the more difficult it will become, because the enemy’s modus operandi is straight out of Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and Edward Bernays’ “Propaganda”. The only question left should be, how to state this declaration in a manner that is pre-emptive and neutralises the enemy’s modus operandi. Where there is a wisdom-born will, there is a wisdom-born way.

With utmost respect for your true intentions and compassion, best,

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo,

a Philosopher of The United States of America, of Ethics, The Constitution, Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, Human Rights, etc. …currently residing in France.

June 21, 2021.



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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

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