Averting Imminent All-Out Cyber-Cataclysm: Why & How to Parallelise The Current Singular Internet.

By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc.

⁠Here’s what is going to need to happen as soon as possible to avert Civilisation Collapse resulting from the Failure to initially properly create the infra-structure of the Internet.

There will be a new paradigm shift resulting in the formation of Four Gateways to Four Separated…Parallel…Internets, in the Pro-Democracy World. Of course, as we reclaim our Freedoms, Lives and Secular Democracies there will be the Rise of other intranets for those Regimes opposed to the New Internets.

These Four Parallel Internet Realms will be the following:

  1. One for The Current Commercial Purposes served by this Current Singular Internet; which, as it exists and has existed, is truly a menace;
  2. Another for Adults-Only for all non-Commercial Academic, Intellectual, Political and Social Purposes, which Minors will not be able to access directly;
  3. A Third One for Minors Only, that Registered Parents or Legal Guardians will be able to Access, but which will not so easily allow Sinister, Malicious Persons and Groups to access Minors and vice versa;
  4. And finally a Fourth One; that will be for Official Government and Government-Related Purposes, which Citizens can use to reach Government and for Government to reach Citizens directly, as well as generally.

The necessity for this is URGENT, to protect Vital Key Infrastructure, National Energy Grids, Security, and Democratic Governance. This Parallelism of Internets can be transitioned to without harm to the delicate balance between Economies of Scale, Markets and the Non-Commercial and Non-Industrial Social and Educational/Entertainment, Arts and Sciences, etc. Realm.

All of this can be achieved by the creation of a Main Portal through which each Gateway can be accessed, but there will be a need for Hardware Changes, so that Computers/I-Devices used by Minors can only access the Minors Portal and Parents/Guardians must Register and Agree to being monitored by Public Trust Authorities comprised of Responsible Citizens and Oversights with Checks & Balances.

The biggest concern of course is how to prevent the brainwashing and political extremification of vulnerable persons by means of so-called Social Media, the current Singular Internet Realm! And of course; the harm to Adult Freedoms of Expression and Democratic Process that the current Singular Internet poses.

AND HERE’S THE PROBLEM: who can We The People trust to bring about this Urgently Necessary Change? The Answer must be in terms of Truly Secular Democratic Constitutional Laws of Universalism.

I have proposed this idea for a long time now. It is URGENT.

#AsimovianRobotomics #4Internets4Security #StopCybertronicChaos

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo and Isaac Asimov. Towson, Maryland, 1989. JP Fenyo © 1989, 2021.

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyõ is a Poet-Philosopher and Audio-Visual Artist/Moviemaker who is almost unknown to most people of Planet ONELOVE ( #PLANETONELOVE ), but You can change that, if You really care to. Because JP would do that for You if You were prevented from being world-famous by certain very powerful and unwise people. JP is the author of, “The Most Important Thought” ( book ), originator of Universal & International Infinity Day, Asimovian Robotonomics, and was made famous in 1987 as ‘The Free Advice Man’ when Alec Wilkinson wrote him up in The New Yorker magazine ( August 17, 1987, pages 18–19 ). The article was re-published in Alec Wilkinson’s anthology: ‘Mr. Apology and other essays’ in 2003 ( Houghton Mifflin publishers ). JP’s latest endeavour is to produce a series for a major online streaming service provider, titled ‘SciFi Dimensions’, comparable to Rod Serling’s ‘The Twilight Zone’. JP lives in a little, special place called Perpignan, France, on the coast of the Pyrénées-Orientales… which consists of three river valleys in the Pyrenees mountain range…from north to south, those of the Agly, Têt and Tech … on the Côte Sablonneuse … not far from Montpellier, which is not far from Marseilles. If you’d like to contact JP: you can do so via his YouTube Channel or The Free Advice Man fb page…just remember: We’re Suppose to be Homo-Sapiens…not Homo-Ignoramuses.

Asimovian Robotonomics : An Ethical, Environmental, Scientific, Technological and Social System of Economics, as a form of UBI + UBH. Term coined in 2011 ( September 30th ) by silly little me ( Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo ), in honour of the late Grand-Master of Science-Fiction and Science-Faction, author and/or editor of over 500 books … considered the most prolific among the most influential SciFi and Pop-Science Authors of Planet Earth in the 20th Century ( 1920–1992 ). Asimovian Robotonomics has already indirectly influenced millions of people around the World. The basic introduction to Asimovian Robotonomics was published by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo in 2015 in what was then ‘OMNI-Reboot’ ( an E-magazine ), which later changed to ‘Futurism’, ‘Vocal’. #AsimovianRobotonomics



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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!