Banning Anti-Democratic Political Parties and Anti-Democratic Persons from officially running for political office is: perfectly logical and absolutely essential! Then why are they not being banned? Failure to ban them is itself a crime against humanity!

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
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Essay by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc.

Fascism and Fascists have existed throughout all human history, way before the Italian Fascist political movements of post-WW1 Italy brought the specific word ( noun ) into the public consciousness as a label for any and forms of anti-democratic systems of government and political entities, parties and persons, seeking to destroy democracy and put in its place a totalitarian authoritarian dictatorship where there are zero rights for individual persons, where the universal and inalienable eternal human rights, freedoms and liberty are forbidden and eradicated.

Of course dangerously stupid, under-thoughtful, but otherwise relatively educated and academically formally accredited experts on politics…political scientists, political theorists, professors of philosophy, etc. …will most likely attack my essay for “abusing the term ‘fascism’ and for daring to label all forms of non-democracy fascist systems”. They will argue with me, with doubtless conviction, that my views are actually rather anti-democratic and in of themselves constitute a threat to democracy! Of course, I know just how wrong they are, being of a most-profoundly introspective nature, and I understand why they would erroneously, intellectually lazily, arrive at such an illogical conclusion. Both in terms of the actual root etymological source of the word fascism…i.e. ‘fasce’….’fasces’…bundle of sticks or arrows tied together representing the power of the many united by a single cause, purpose, and acting according to the dictates, the orders, the totalitarian anti-democratic authority of a single totalitarian and hence anti-democratic leader… an absolute leader represented by an axe in the earliest physical manifestation of a symbolic ‘fasce’.

The real absolute definition of fascism would have to be: any system of government which is evidentially non-democratic, hence anti-democratic, regardless of whether it is a Theocracy, Plutocracy, Kleptocracy, Kakistocracy, Idiocracy, etc. ( Feudality, Oligarchy, etc. ), and any possible combination of these forms of fascism….is a fascist system and any persons who support and do not wish to oppose such a system is thus a fascist. So…yes…I am unilaterally defining any form of anti-democracy as fascism. Both on account of what the fasce obviously and actually represent.

That being stated; I am also very consciously aware of the fact that absolute democracy has not yet been put into existence, and that relative democracy is currently what exists, in varying degrees of functionality, and that dysfunctional democracies are more prevalent today than at any time in history. And, also, that the definition of the term ‘democracy’ is itself wanting of precision.

Since this essay is about my assertion that it is anti-democratic to allow anti-democratic political entities and publicly declared, published or stated, individuals who are, very evidently, fascists who seek to destroy democracy, and seek to replace democracy with that which is the anti-thesis of democracy; in effect, fascism; to officially run for political office and political representation. Fascists are a lethal threat toany democratic political body…congress/senate…supreme court…federal agency directorship, etc. And I have absolutely no doubt that those who founded The United States of America and formulated its constitution, as well those who wrote the French Constitution, would be shocked at how stupid and intellectually lazy and illogical today’s political leaders have become, given that they allow declared fascists to run for public office! Democracy is not possible when fascism is considered optional by law. As for what democracy really means, it would be disingenuous of me to not give my own most accurate and logical definition of democracy and what defines a democratic system of government.

The current definitions for democracy provided or supported by the academically recognised institutions of higher learning are themselves often severely inaccurate and counter-productive to informing and enlightening society-at-large…i.e. the general public…about what true democracy really is and how any system that is insufficiently democratic is actually effectively a form of fascism.

So, I hereby present my definition of democracy:

democracy — /dɪˈmɒkrəsi/( noun ) : a system of government whereby the whole population of sufficiently mature, i.e. adult aged ( post-pubescent ) persons are empowered to have a truly equal voice and equal vote in deciding who shall represent them in seeking to pass what essential laws, rules and regulations, ordinances and tenets, as well as what incentives and rewards for abiding such, and what punishments and/or penalties for deliberately violating such, are legislated and passed into law and/or allowed to be enforced, as well as what logical, scientifically feasible and ethically acceptable solutions and government programs and agencies and institutions are to be accepted, financed, established, and managed by those authorised by the majority of the people who democratically govern their own society, their own sovereign country, in such manner as to ensure, by means of a truly democratic, hence sustainable and dysfunctionality-proof constitution that no individual person shall suffer any violation by any other person or group of people, nor by their own democratic government.

As for what constitutes a truly democratic constitution: a democratic constitution ( Hungary, for example, has an anti-democratic pseudo-constitution ) which must, as per logical reasoning, ensure that even those whose votes and opinions, ideas and solutions, did not manage to convince the majority of citizens, are sufficiently protected from any risk of harm by the majority and any authorised persons representing the majority and/or officially serving any government agencies, institutions, departments, ministries of state, and thus all being governed by a constitution that outlaws, prohibits and prevents any anti-democratic political entities, parties, groups and their respective supporters and leader(s) from officially running for public government office of any type, executive or otherwise, all with proper checks & balances, term limitations, and laws that prohibit conflicts of interest, nepotism, monopolisation, and other obvious threats to any truly democracy, and with guarantees to ensure that the eternal universal and inalienable rights, freedoms and liberties, including those of freedom of expression, free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom of conscience, and the right to seek and receive government assistance and protection when and if one’s rights, freedoms and liberty are at risk, with obvious prohibition of non-reversible forms of punishment ( e.g. death ‘penalty’, life sentences for crimes which did not result in permanent harm/loss, and placement in places of detention, such as holding cells, jail cells and prisons, where potentially lethal harm may happen, etc. ) and unfairness in taxation ( e.g. victims of crimes, most often having suffered serious damage to their finances, possible theft and/or destruction of their property, and harm to their overall health and welfare should be exempt from having to pay any taxes until there has been sufficient compensation and recovery OR taxation which is clearly unfair and regressive and harms the health and welfare of the citizen).

A democracy must be so devised, designed so as to remain functional and prevent the private sector and the public sector, as well any political entities who are clearly seeking to destroy that very same democracy, from violating the rights, liberties and freedom of any individual person, regardless of whether they are of sufficient chronological age, adults qualified to responsibly, consciously participate in the democratic process of democratic governance or not.

Furthermore, a democracy is a complex system that must ensure that all citizens have the means to live as healthily as science and technology can make possible, and to survive any and all natural and/or human-caused disasters, and not be at any risk of being home-deprived and/or impoverished, and that no individual or group entity can gain unfair advantage and harm the welfare of others. A democracy must require that all who seek to run in an official elections must sign a legally binding statement of intent, which clearly declares that such person is for democracy and not anti-democratic and will not ever abuse their position of authority and office in any way that would risk harm to democratic governance. A true democracy must require that all those who are elected to any public office, whether representative or executive, must sign a legal contract with the public, in which they can be sanctioned and/or punished for violating the very principle of democracy, the democratic constitution and the associated human rights, liberties and freedoms of all born persons ( as it is obviously anti-democratic to equate the pre-born with the born in so far as democratic laws are concerned … logically: government imposition on any pregnant person is a threat to the very principle of democracy, as it is a threat to the right to privacy and freedom of choice, and such authoritarian impositions tend to result in premature death and excessive emotional trauma to the unborn, with catastrophic results in post-birth life : abortions should be relatively safe and each pregnant person should be free do decide whether or not to accept the risks involved in being pregnant and giving birth ). The current reality of technological under-employment and unemployability due to increasing use of robotics, computerisation, automation in the production and provision of goods and services, etc., as well as alternative, sustainable sources of energy and advanced transportation technologies necessitates the introduction and provision of non-taxable guaranteed basic income and adequate basic housing for all individual persons. And the threat and reality of severe global climate instability, environmental degradation, pollution and species extinction requires that true democracies facilitate the development and production of mobile housing units that can participate in seasonal migration from North to South and vice versa, based on encouragement by government incentives, and population demographic balancing measures that are not based on antiquated and dangerous racist tribalism and eugenics.

A democracy is the very opposite of a fascism. A democracy is based on the logical premise that the rights of each and every person to be themselves as they so choose without being violently imposed-upon and without violently imposing is the essential fundamental elemental genesis of democracy. Fascism is the denial of the individual and their eternal universal essential and inalienable human rights, freedoms and liberty. Fascism is a cult of death and destruction. Democracy, real functional democracy, is the cradle and crutch and peak of true human civilisation and progress towards increasingly better ways of living in harmony with biological nature and one-another. Fascism is the perpetuation of eternal war and suffering designed to prevent the general public from realising that they are sheep to the slaughter, slaves and soldiers of a select few and their chosen anti-democratic Machiavellian leader. Democracy is the fertile ground upon which the trees of wisdom, of spiritual and scientific enlightenment can grow strong and bear their delicious and pleasing fruit!

To fail to outlaw fascists and fascism ( note: the fascists can always do what they will in their own private places, clubs, ranches ) is a violation of the very premise of democracy and is a national security threat of the first order! Because foreign enemies of any and all democratic states will find ways to finance and support fascist political entities and persons. It is unethical to allow racism, xenophobia, homophobia, lgbtqa-phobia, and other things clearly associated with fascism and fascists to be promoted in public places and spaces. In a true democracy no non-private space and place should become a means for the promotion of dangerously stupid and malicious ideologies and ideas based on senselessly insecure and unrealistic perceptions of the world. Our planet is not truly divisible into separate nations that can violate the lives of their own citizens and push their own citizens to attacks the citizens and territorial integrity of other nations. Nationalism is not sustainable and internationalism cannot be safely achieved without true democracy; which is pro-social democracy, pro-environmental democracy, pro-liberty and liberality democracy. Such dangerously stupid nonsense as so-called “illiberal democracy” is merely deceptive code for fascism. Horthy was a fascist, as was Stalin, both of whom facilitated the ability of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Militarist-Fascist Japan and other fascists to launch World War Two in their insane genocidal quest for world dominion! And to think that there is a little nobody of a person seeking to turn a small Central European nation-state into a full-fledged fascist satellite of the largest fascist nation-state on Earth! And to think that little nobody of a person is not already being prosecuted for abetting war crimes and human rights violations! The mind boggles!

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo


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