Did You know that Fascism is illegal?

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
14 min readJun 20, 2021

It is! But why are Fascists still being allowed to run for office?! Well…it’s not because Democracy is not good enough. Nope. It’s because …. well… read on.

by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

There are only TWO political ways: Democracy versus Fascism, all else is still Fascism!

The United States of America has always had a Perfect Constitution for the purposes of a Maintainable Democracy, but due to linguistic changes over generations Americans today, even educated ones, are confused about what The Constitution allows and does not allow, and what Democracy is and what Democracy is not, and thus Democracy has not failed, but has been failed by The People. France has always had a Perfect Constitution for the purposes of a Maintainable Democracy, and for the most part it still works and is probably the best Constitution for Democracy, equal in its key principles to The American Constitution. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, contrary to what too many around the World think, does not have a Constitution, though it calls itself a Constitutional Monarchy, and being that it does not have a Constitution, it is not a Democracy and never has been!

Democracy never fails. It is People who fail to maintain their Democracy.

Fascism is illegal in a Democracy.

Whether you are already aware of it or not, The Constitutions of The United States of America and of France actually do prohibit Fascism, and thus, logically, they prohibit Fascists from officially running in an elections for public, in effect government, office.

Both Constitutions are about the very opposite of Fascism and make it clear that to seek to destroy Democracy is illegal and those who publicly state their intention to destroy Democracy are not to be allowed to run for public office. After all, then what would be the point of requiring the taking of The Oath of Office, if a Fascist can also become President, Prime Minister, Governor, Mayor, or Federal Government Law Enforcement Officer, Military Officer or other official employee of a Federal Agency handling Classified Information?!? And let’s not go into any nonsense about ‘violating the right to freedom of speech, expression, etc.’, we are not at all violating the Indispensable Essential Democratic Right to Freedom of Expression, Free Speech, Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Association when we simply prohibit Fascists from officially running for official political office.

SIDE-NOTE: Would it surprise you to find out that virtually all Background Security Check firms and Security Guard companies are owned and run by Fascists? How can’t people figure these things out? Why do so many people not understand that Fascists are not joking and are willing to commit mass murder and genocide to undermine society, democracy, and to gain power and remain in power???

Fascists regularly gang-stalk and cyber-stalk people in order to undermine their lives.

Fascists deliberately fabricate, forge, and disseminate all sorts of dangerous, dishonest and divisive false conspiracy theories in order to sow distrust between people, and between citizens and their democratic government’s democratic politicians, representatives and elected officials.

Fascists use any and all kinds of methods, technologies, devices, toxins and what not, to harm their opponents and any other people they want their fooled followers to irrationally hate and illogically fear.

The Fascists modus operandi is: Deceive, Divide, Conquer, Enslave and Destroy.

Democratic persons’ modus operandi is the very opposite: Enlighten, Unify, Coexist, Liberate, and Create. Fascist Parties are Death Cults.

Sure these Fascists can initially make the trains run on time by frightening the train conductor with serious threats of death or torture! Sure they can force prisoners to do unpaid work as street-cleaners, so as to make everything seem clean and hygienic. Sure they can reduce the risks of people getting STDs by strictly reducing human sexual conduct to the bare minimum for the reproduction of newer serfs, slaves, ‘soldiers for Hinkel’! Reference to Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” movie of 1940. Sure they can reduce the cost of providing government services by eliminating those they consider to be useless and/or burdensome to their version of society, and begin using chemical weapons on defenceless people, way away from the general public’s view! Sure they can exploit the anger, frustration, fear and loathing, the total blind and irrational hatred, that people tend to develop during times of economic decline, socio-economic collapse. Nothing so easy as to get people all riled up and incite the mob, the throngs of bitter and disillusioned mass of people who easily believe that their suffering and hardships and injustices experienced must be due to those who are different from them! Never mind the fact that the bust-boom-bust cycles of economic chaos are deliberately caused by Plutocratic Fascists pretending to be for Democracy and Freedom, until things get so bad that some of the people, enough of the general public, begin to connect the dots and organise angry protests against the abusive elitist wealthy few, most of whom spent some of their fraudulently gained capital on doing things to corrupt officials, to spy on their private lives and deliberately finance the political campaigns of weak minded, spineless and selfish opportunists, about whom they, they elitist wealthy few, managed to attain all sorts of dirty skeleton-in-the-closet secrets, such as marital infidelity, sexual predation, substance abuse, and other things that can easily be used as Kompromat…the Russian word for information about someone’s personal life that they would do virtually anything in order to keep secret, and with which these organised criminal elitist wealthy few can then compromise them and force them to do things that are not only not in the best interests of the public, but which are harmful to democracy, to society, to the nature, the environment, to the whole planet! Sure they can initially provide housing and food to those who they, as Plutocratic Fascists, caused to become home-deprived and impoverished in the first place, because having grateful fooled fools think how wonderful they are is all part of their Grand Deception on their way towards their overall goal of Grand Theft World. After all, once they steal into power by means of Big Filthy Lies, often containing some morsels of truth so as to seem credible. Read about who Edward Bernays was, and read his book, “Propaganda”, which Nazi Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels considered essential reading. And once the Fascists steal into full power, they then begin to round up all those who suddenly realise that they really are intending to make subservient slaves out of most people and obedient soldiers out of others, and to murder any and all who would get in the way and oppose, resist and fight back against them!

Remember that the Fascist Leadership circle, all who are themselves hoping to become the next in line to take over once the first dictator is dead or no longer able to control everyone, all have read the Fascists’ favourite book: “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote it as a gift, a compendium of advice on how a ruler can remain in power, how the ruler can prevent any other contender from being able to take over or prevent any entire group of people seeking to depose and kill the ruler from doing so; with many ideas on how to constantly make people too afraid to even dare to plot against the ruler! How to spy on people and gain information that can be used to thwart their efforts. How to deliberately murder totally innocent people, so as to remind the ruled of why they must obey, they must be obedient at all times, and they must never even think of betraying the ruler! How to use the carrot and stick method, and the good cop, bad cop method, and how to ‘wag the dog’ by keeping the ruled, the people, constantly in fear of foreigners, of foreign nations that supposedly are preparing to invade at any time! How to keep the people too busy fighting the eternal enemies, the hordes of them-sters who would otherwise invade, rape and pillage and cause even greater misery and terror! How to keep the ruled public constantly struggling to work to the bone just in order to be able to survive, but never managing to gain enough extra money with which to be able to live independently and no longer forced to work for the ruling class of the ruler’s chosen few! “Keep the people down lest they rise up and revolt against you and capture you and punish you for being so ruthless!” That is what the Fascist Ruling Class understand, and why they are willing to enslave, torture and murder anyone at any time, for fear of being brought to trial to face justice for the monstrously evil crimes committed!

Anyway, there is no threat at all to real Freedom of Anything if Fascists are prevented from stealing into power, because in a functional Democracy you, everyone, every single citizen, including every non-citizen, has the full freedom to publicly express anything, to state anything, even including opposition to Democracy, without being subject to automatic arrest merely for opposing Democracy, provided you are not inciting people to commit acts of violence against non-Fascists, but what is not legal is to officially register to run in elections for official public government office and then, exploiting the public spaces and public trust, express things which clearly indicate that you are an enemy of Democracy, in effect, to state things which clearly imply, clearly indicate, that you intend to violate The Constitutional Rights of others, and to thus begin an effort to destroy Democracy, once elected.

The prohibition of Fraud is part of the reason for why Fascism is clearly unacceptable and is the actual prime enemy of Democracy, since Fascists, and bear in mind that all those opposed to Democracy are one or more types of Fascists*, ….since Fascists are essentially Fraudsters, because Fascism itself is a form of Life-Endangering Fraud, a Fraud against all of society, democratic government and against Democracy itself! To threaten society by seeking to destroy a Democratic society’s Democracy, is not only evidence of the intent to commit mass fraud, but is itself the crime of incitement to violence, and of conspiring to corrupt government officials.

But the Fascists of times past, when the types of advanced technologies had not yet come into existence, which now easily allow Fascist Leadership Circle members to spy on virtually anyone and everyone, often in the vain name of commerce, of direct sales-targeting of people, potential customers, clients, buyers, whose habits and interests and weaknesses, addictions, vices, and health troubles are all easily discovered and further analysed and whose data are easily stored for future retrieval at any time for any purpose! Oh what the Kaiser, what Hitler, what Mussolini, what Tojo, what Franco, what Horthy, what Stalin, Idi Amin and Pol Pot, what they could have been able to achieve if only they had had at their finger-tips so many secrets, too many secrets! They could have been ever more effective in their efforts to enslave, to torture, to murder, to commit genocide, if they had had the Dark Magical Powers of Cyberspace’s Digital Data Mines, of the Internet and Social Media, of Light-Speed Transfers of Vast Sums of Capital, allowing the Syphoning off of money that would otherwise be taxed and would allow severely damaged nations to restore social and economic justice, stability and functional democracy!

Let’s be real! There’s no greater threat to the insanely pathological penultimately dangerous interests of the elitist Plutocratic Fascists than to have to contend with Real Functional Democracy! Democracy that for the people, by the people and of the people! Democracy that is the basis upon which The Middle Class can once more flourish and expand its percentage! The more people who join the Educated and Well-Paid Middle Class, the less people remaining in Poverty! The bigger the Middle Class, the more difficult it gets for the Wealthy Few Elitists to cleverly undermine Democracy and rip off people by selling the desperate poor masses the junk that they work themselves to death for! The very same mass-produced junk that is produced by cutting corners on safety! Toxic food that is addictive and which clogs up one’s guts, veins, and contains all sorts of harmful pollutants and carcinogens! Clothing and shoes that are made of such unhealthy materials that they cause harm to one’s skin and leak toxins through one’s skin and which have dangerous chemical fumes which enter through one’s respiratory tract. Vehicles that destroy the World which the public uses to travel off to see, to spend more and more just for basics! Housing that is unhealthy and way too costly, rents that are deliberately high in order to enslave people to their other Masters, their Land-Lords! In a truly functional, in effect in a Real Democracy, the Quality of Everything Improves, often resulting in less quantity production and thus in a healthier way of Living. Middle Class countries do not suffer from constant high levels of stress! Excess stress which leads to all manner of serious life-harming, lifespan reducing, life-endangering diseases and chronic ill-health conditions.

Let’s not keep making the same insanely lethal mistakes! Enforce the outlawment of Fascism! Stop Fascists from claiming a ridiculous so-called ‘right’ to compete for the chance to steal into power, by whatever clever deceptions, orchestrations, and riggings of elections. Stop the Fascists by simply invoking the existing Constitution’s obviously implied prohibitions on Fascism and Fascists! Supreme Court? No problem! We know for fact that the pseudo-democratic crypto-Fascists deliberately packed the Supreme Court at every opportunity, with people who very obviously don’t really understand what The Constitution very clearly, very evidently, and very logically intended! Or maybe they do understand and they are feigning ignorance. Same difference. Just increase the Supreme Court to Twelve Justices, reverse the ruling on Citizens United versus The Federal Elections Commission decision that insanely concluded that Private Corporations are People and thus have the same rights as Individual Persons and cannot be restricted in their ability to overwhelm and skew elections!

And let’s be real! It was because of a Fascist Plutocrat that we had to suffer the danger of the total destruction of our Democracy in The United States of America, because that Plutocrat managed to help the other one steal into office! And because of that megalomaniac an epidemic that could have been stopped from becoming a Global Pandemic actually became one, resulting in the premature death of millions, and in inestimably major damage to the economies of the World, whose final tally in terms of further premature deaths will not be known, if ever, until years have passed!

Never had our World been in such serious danger of total Civilisation Collapse and Total Biosphere Collapse! And to think that that is not enough of a National Security for every nation and that Fascism is not being removed from the overall equation…to think that Fascist political parties are being allowed to threaten all Humanity?!? What’s wrong with people today?!

Fascism is not just a lethal harm to the Impoverished, to the former Middle Class, to the Working Class Poor, but it is also a threat to the Wealthy Few too! Because…well…it should be obvious! Fascists, once they steal, lie and cheat into power, can do anything they want to anyone! No matter how much money one has; the Fascist dictator and his or her Elite Inner Circle can murder, rape, pillage anyone they can falsify claims against! Unlike in a functional Democracy where there is fairness, real social justice, and the Rule of Law is not a myth meant to confuse people…for Rule of Law has been failing to be properly enforced in too many crumbling should-be-democratic countries…unlike in Democratic nations, in Fascist nations no one is safe ever, not even the person who happens to be dictator today, but who might be deposed at any time by yet another wanna-be dictator!

And then there are newer forms of clever hoodwinking deceptions! Fascists figured out how to hijack words and distort ideas in ways that many fail to clearly understand. About one in three persons in almost every country in the World is a Fascist-minded, dangerous fool who thinks he or she is so smart, in being able to deceive people, rob people blind, and profit off the suffering of and death of others, of most! And another one in three persons is the generally too naive and/or lazy-minded to see understand how a failing to maintain democracy, allowing the wealthy to harm and abuse society and destroy the planet, is a threat! If it were not for the one in three who are intelligent and wise enough to actively resist and oppose Fascists, and to enlighten the confused third about how and why Democracy is the only way to prevent Fascism from being able to steal, cheat and lie into power, and Democracy is the only way to have the essentials for Human Civilisation,…if not for us, the anti-Fascist one-third; the World would already end! Fascists have one super-power: the ability to cause lethal harm, total devastation, even mass extinction, lightning fast! Want the World to become a total horror movie in real life? Then the ones to call and hire are….Fascists!

So. So there is no such thing as an Illiberal Democracy. Democracy is Democracy and Democracy is always Liberal. You can read about all that in my previous article.

And don’t forget your promise.

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo is the one holding the FREE ADVICE sign. The other person is Anonymous. “Hello”.

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