Do not count your … submarines … until they ‘open the hatch’!

Redaktioneller Kommentar von Johannes Peter von der Fantastich!

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I do not see this whole deal working out.

It will sink, soon enough.

And I don’t mean, as in: deliberately dive.

Submarines are not what they used to be.

France will yet recover some of the value of the deal.

Mark my words!

As a member of the German Coast Guard famously put it :

IF there were an all-out conflict with…say… CHINA…Aussie Submarines of any type would be useless. Why? Because the WHOLE WORLD WOULD END.

As for Strategic Missions to serve a deterrent purpose: Nuclear-Powered Submarines are pointless! Totally!



This backstabbing was done to weaken FRANCE and The EU!

Well: it will backfire.

The nasty Aussie PM Scott Morrison, whose political party is anti-social and Klepto-Plutocratic, deliberately misinformed Washington about his real motives and gave Washington the impression that the EU and FRANCE would have no choice but to accept the new ‘reality’.

Well, real reality is about to snap back!

This violation of protocol and betrayal of trust will backfire…once it all becomes perfectly clear.

Vive La FRANCE! Vive La Liberté! Vive La Democratie!


La belle et le bonne FRANCE!

UPDATED: Sources have let me know that President Biden was actually deceived. He was told that there would be no major negative impact, and that France had been given advance notice by the Aussie government. That was a lie. It was not true! The Aussie PM lied. This is a bit similar to what President Carter experienced when Zbigniew Brzezinski gave President Carter the worst advice, based on a total deception. 05:01 AM Paris Time.



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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!