DO NOT REWARD GENOCIDAL MASS MURDERING WAR CRIMINALS! Provide real Justice for all of us victims of fascism everywhere!

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
5 min readMar 17, 2022


Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc., multiple-victim of war crimes, crimes against humanity, anti-semitism, etc.

My sign where I sat right outside The European Union Parliament in Brussels, Belgium in May 2019.

EVEN IF the “Russians” and the Ukrainians reach agreement; WE … Humanity … We Anti-Fascists … We Anti-Criminals … must not in any way at all reward or even seem to reward the Mass Genocidal Murder of Women, Children, Infants, and Men perpetrated by War Criminals … by Plutocratic Oligarchs…by Putin-Duginist Fascists. Not only have Thousands of our Fellow Citizens of Earth been murdered, but the lives of Millions of have been devastated, wrecked, many permanently ruined, and the extreme devastation of hospitals, schools, museums, residential buildings, houses, roads, infrastructure….not to forget to mention the severe ecological and environmental damage, wildlife destroyed, fresh-water systems destroyed, severe pollution caused !!! We would be insane to agree to Forgive and Forget that Putin and his fellow Criminals…having brainwashed and deceived and severely harmed the lives of millions of Russians … have also caused permanent, potentially fatal harm to many others Worldwide !!! And to think that We should ever risk allowing direct accomplices, such as Viktor Orban and his cohorts, his band of pro-Putin-Duginist Eurasian Fascists….pretending to be legitimate old-fashioned conservatives …to remain in power and go unpunished: that too would be rewarding murderous criminals and abettors of mass-murdering criminals! IF we can confiscate the ill-begotten gains, things purchased by means of stolen wealth and lethal criminal activities and by means of propping-up Putin, Orban, and others too…then we must seek the arrest of and prosecution of War Criminals and Accomplices to War Criminals. We must bring them to face The International Criminal Court…to be put on trial for their most-serious Human Rights Violations, War Crimes and/or Enablement of such horrific genocidal inhumanity! I am a Jew who was poisoned by these fascist criminal thugs, and I am targeted for what my paternal grandfather did in 1933 to try to prevent World War Two…for which Adolf Hitler sought to have him captured and exterminated..and have all his family, relatives and descendants also be exterminated… And to think Viktor Orban’s thugs wrecked my life too, causing me lasting harm, that puts me at great risk of premature death, aside from further efforts to destroy me…including efforts to have me disenfranchised, defamed and silenced….many years of having to flee and barely managing to survive in the most horrific circumstances…TO REWARD SUCH BARBARIC THUGS IS TO INVITE FURTHER DANGER TO HUMANITY…and would be itself total failure to make amends, and a failure to provide restitution, including the return of significant property stolen as part of actual extended War Crimes…. I demand that Human Rights Violation Investigators, Prosecutors, and Human Rights Lawyers and all relevant Mass News Media investigate what has happened to me and my wife; because I too was for years warning about Orban and Putin…long before all of this horror…and I too did significant things to not only expose Orban, his gang, FIDESz and others, but I even had a significant role in preventing Orban from being re-elected in a closely-contested 2002 Hungarians National Elections! BUT almost no one to this very day…when I write this: knows these HARD FACTS, for which I can easily furnish solid evidence. I stand with the victims of fascism everywhere, and I demand justice for me and all of us. ~ Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I could have died prematurely after nearly two months of being forced to survive by sit-sleeping on the premises of The EU Parliament in Brussels, and had it not been for the private intervention of a German EU citizen, an EU Commission official acting of his own accord, I would been dead. Details available to any serious inquirers. Photo of my things right outside the EU Parliament in May 2019. The EU Parliament Security staff can verify these facts too.

The man above, holding a copy of his own book, is a witness to these facts.

[ His name? Ask me directly. ] Photo taken by me in May, 2019 at The EU Parliament.

Self-Photo. EU Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, June 2019.

Photo taken by me at EU Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, June 2019.

Dear friends. There is still time to prove to me that You really care and want to know all the relevant details. This is not just about me, but about all Humanity. You think You know me, but You hardly do. I tried for many years to raise the alarm, to prevent Putin and Orban and others from being able to put all humanity at risk of total destruction. I was an investigative journalist in Budapest in 1985 and witnessed the earliest days of Russian agents seeking to find kompromat and to groom young Hungarian opponents of the so-called “Socialist” regime that ended in 1989. In 2002 I played a significant role in preventing Viktor Orban and his gang of thugs from being re-elected, but had to flee Hungary thereafter. I was poisoned by them in 1999. There had been numerous attempts to kidnap and murder me in Budapest, and even since then Viktor Orban’s fellow fascists have managed to cause me further lasting harm, and almost managed to destroy me multiple times. i have witnesses to these facts, as well as plenty of hard evidence that will substantiate the veracity of my claims.



Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!