EU Citizenship Should Come With Basic Guarantees not dependent on national member states’ governments.

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

For a long time now, I have been repeatedly telling the EU…the EU Commission, The European Union Parliament, The Council of The European Union, etc., the same basic thing as I just wrote, once more, as a comment to the EU Commission, as comment at theirs, in faecebook:

“The EU needs an inter-EU, independently managed, European Union Parliament monitored and EU Commission financed agency for EU citizens who are internally displaced after fleeing targeting and/or persecution from entities, official or unofficial, of their own EU country of origin. Such an agency would be able to provide critical, urgent means to relocate, re-settle, and on a case-by-case-basis provide further assistance and support, including temporal housing and other essential support, as well as the means for proper legal representation vis-a-vis any claims of human rights violations, etc., by such internally displaced EU citizens. This should already have existed from the very earliest of times of the official establishment of The European Union, as a serious measure to protect the Human Rights and other Legal Rights of all EU citizens, and not to risk relying on the compliance of each member states’ government. Sincerely, Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo of Asimovian Robotonomics PS: I and my spouse are victims of very serious violations of our Human Rights, and other violations of specific International Law laws. EESC — European Economic and Social Committee European Parliament EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid — ECHO

And once more it is highly unlikely, albeit not impossible, that I will finally get a direct reply from none other than EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and/or EU Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans. Meanwhile my life, and that of Cathy, my spouse, continue to be at relative risk, because the EU Commission has not provided us with the support that they should, given my specific level of being seriously targeted and harmed by extreme rightwing, fascist antisemites, who currently serve Putin’s criminocracy’s interests and harm the interests, endanger the lives, and continue to cause great damage to the lives of our European Union citizens.

I provide further proof of my efforts by sharing some of my fb’s photos that attest to my efforts, to the horrific conditions I suffered ( if I told you the full details, you would be truly angry to find out that I barely survived those horrors! ):




I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!

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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!

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