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Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc.

Putin’s global rampage can and must be stopped. France and The European Union must not be distracted by the seeming global chaos! Yes, for the moment, the AUKUS triad causes short-term hardship for France’s economy. But the only way forward from here, is to Re-Invent France’s Hi-Tech Economy, as part of a broader national strategy to ensure that France will never again be as vulnerable as it has been. I intend to help steer France out of troubled waters and help France become the country that shows the rest of the World how to generate wealth through social and socio-economic progress. Because without France the World is doomed!

So…along came AUKUS and WHAM! The Aussie Government damages France’s economic interests, dumps a 2016 huge 90 Billion Australian Dollar ( over 65 Billion USD ) deal, which had been made between the then-Liberal government of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and the French naval defence technology firm, Naval Group, to design a new, next generation of non-nuclear-powered silent submarines that would be built partly in Australia and partly in France, providing significant employment to highly-skilled French workers. According to some sources, this submarine deal suffered from constant delays and cost overruns, resulting in a state of uncertainty and tension between the Aussies and the French, which until just a few days ago, was relatively. unknown to the general public. This happened as a consequence of The Biden Administration’s efforts to reach agreement with the UK and Australia to form a trilateral security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States…as part of a wider effort to counter the Chinese government’s, i.e. the Chinese militarists, various unwise policies and related destabilising strategic moves …which will eventually prove to have actually been harmful to China’s long-term, overall interests, but which were implemented supposedly in order to secure China’s regional and global economic survival and security.

Mind you; the China Factor and the Russia Threat are the most significant International Security concerns for everyone, every major power on Earth.

On the one hand; if China’s economy and society should ever collapse, the inevitable chain-reaction-consequence will be, literally, the beginning of a relatively short series of horrific nightmares that will culminate in; THE END!

How to deal with a China that is currently flipping from a relative global stabiliser in the post-9–11-pre-2007–2008-World, into the very opposite? How to discourage China’s Oligarchical PLA Generals and CPC hierarchy from continuing to harm the security of other World-impacting economies, ie. power houses, from harming its own citizens’ true interests, and thus, from insanely heading straight towards the cliff of global doom??

How to avoid doing anything at all that in any way would encourage China’s troublemakers, without wrecking the Chinese economy???

After all: who in their right mind wants to experience a World in which hundreds of millions of starving Chinese will simply lay waste to Central Asia and reach the outer-regions of Central and Eastern Europe; at which point it will be way too late to implement any deterrent effort that could prevent THE END.

So; back to President Biden, Secretary of State Donald Blinken, The United States and President Emmanuel Macron, Foreign Secretary Jean-Ives Le Drian, The Republic of France. Is this seeming disaster going to spell the end of The Special Trans-Atlantic Historic Friendship between the USA and FRANCE? To answer this, one must keep in mind that France is The European Union’s Essential Back-bone State and Civilisation, and The Biden Administration cannot afford to do anything that would weaken The European Union and thus end up playing into the hands of Putin and his fellow Oligarchs!

The immediate Bigger Picture seems to be one of almost total and totally lethal Chaos!

What is really the true agenda of President Biden? Does Biden want to end up achieving the very things that Putin wanted, when Putin put in office, almost literally, Drumpf the Horrific?


The biggest threat to The United States is not CHINA alone or RUSSIA alone, but both, and Severe Global Climate Instability.

Anyway, the very idea that Biden would be betray himself and his entire legacy of relatively wise, pragmatic, cautious foreign policy stances is preposterous.

So then; what gives?

Well; let’s be clear about the following:

  1. In order for the USA to be able to put sufficient pressure on the UK to stop any and all dangerous moves that undermine The Good Friday Agreement of Northern Ireland, the USA needs some serious leverage. Okay. Understood. Makes sense. The EU would not survive a return to the way things were before The Good Friday Agreement. Nor would the UK, for that matter.
  2. In order for the USA to effectively prevent Putin from actually causing further major harmful acts, the USA cannot simply ignore the China Factor, and to encourage China to help stop the Putin Klepto-Plutocratic Fascists Agenda, we need China to stop doing things, with hi-tech, that actually, cumulatively, results in serving The Putinist World Domination Agenda, etc. So…for the USA and NATO to be able to prevent Putin from taking over much of the World; it needs to think and analyse way outside of any box and not ignore the overwhelming evidence that the World needs a stable and strong EU, so as to be able to properly handle Severe Global Climate Instability, caused primarily by massive failures to significantly reduce pollution, and also to sufficiently unite the World in Relatively Progressive Unity-through-Diversity Democracy, with respect to the inalienable, universal, Human Rights, Liberties and Freedoms, so as to be able to truly focus our efforts toSave Our Biosphere, All Life, including Ourselves!
  3. AUKUS is actually also in the real interests of The European Union, but it has to be done in ways that respect the EU’s real democracies, and which manages to isolate those who seek to impose any form of Fascism.
  4. Social Democracy is the only realistic way to Save Europe and The EU. The EPP, in having propped-up the Viktator…Orban…for so long, provided a backdoor for Putin and the Euro-Asian Movement’s Fascist, Racist Agenda. Without Social Democracy…without Asimovian Robotonomics, a.k.a. Basic Income, Basic Housing Provision, etc….The EU will collapse, and with it the Whole World. So: rather than France ending up side-lined, France needs to engage all progressives, especially those who seek to Save The Euro-Atlantic Alliance, The European Union, etc.
  5. Soon enough there will be the political version of a ‘Market Correction’ when the USA will understand how the Russian Oligarchs managed to kompromatise the British Political Elite! The UK and any Commonwealth nation cannot really be trusted at this time by the EU. When the ‘correction’ arrives; then the Chinese will also begin to see the error of their current ways. India is also beginning to wake up to the danger of Fascism…and the Fascists in their midst.
  6. France must actually become the first major economy to implement Asimovian Robotonomics and do everything to help ensure political, economic and social stability throughout the EU. I have plenty of excellent ideas on how France can transform the EU into the World’s strongest democracy, while producing Personal Global Climate Change Survival Gear and Systems. Within less than two years time France can and should become the wealthiest single nation on a per capita basis. By 2023 France’s Per Capita GDP should exceed $80,000….but this can only happen if it heeds my advice and implements my key ideas/innovations/systemics.
  7. The USA will then follow France’s lead and also implement Asimovian Robotonomics; thereby providing global-reach evidence of the Wisdom of Providing Basic Essentials in order to: a) Prevent total disaster., b) Transform into a Green Economic Global Leader., and c) Save Democracy and hence Human Civilisation and Humanity. As for the UK and Australia; they will have to change their ways or fall way behind.

So: no…France must quickly find a different way to deal with this situation, and not risk inadvertently playing into the hands of Putin and Co.

Germany? Germany must help end the harmful hegemony of the EPP.

The Era of The New Progressives can and should begin…NOW!

Vive La France! Vive La Liberte! Vive La Democratie!

Courage mon cher belle France!

Transformez cette situation en réussite totale ! Soyez créatif, imaginatif, sage ! Soyez français !



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