Martian Links and Other Information For Future Visitors To Mars

Provided Courtesy of The Imperial Martian Tourism and Settlement Agency.

Author: Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

JP is Earth Representative To His Supreme Imperial Highness, Azaza The Ultimate, The Emperor of Mars.

The Imperial Martian Princess, Azalia The Amazing, Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Note: Links are in no particular order. This is on account of the fact that Martians don’t like to make it easy for non-Martians from Planet Earth to figure them out. After all; Martians are falsely perceived by Earthlings as being Warmongering Fools. Martians defend themselves with their Wisdom, and Advanced Non-Lethal Super-Hi-Tech Weapons of Love, Enlightenment and Peace.

Mars Factoid:

The famous Pianist, Vocalist and Musician Elton John is considered by The Citizens of The Martian Empire as a Wonderful Sentient Being, and has been proclaimed by The Emperor of Mars as being an Honorary Citizen of Mars.

Mars Factoid:

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of The United States of America of Planet Earth has been granted by The Emperor of Mars Special Scientific Exploratory and Research Status. This may be revoked at any time without prior notice, pending NASA’s conduct on Mars.

Actual Real Photographic Official Portrait of His Supreme Imperial Highness, Azaza The Ultimate, The Emperor of Mars.

Martian Factoid:

The Martian Empire is over 4.53 Billion Earth Years Old! Mars was hit by a gigantic Asteroid less than 100 Million Earth Years after The Ancients of The Planet of Edenia, who come from a Star System not too far away, colonised Mars. Fortunately the Ancient First Martians managed to escape to Planet Earth, where they still have a presence to this very day. They returned to live below the surface of Mars roughly 125 Million Earth Years ago, and rarely venture out to the surface, partly to avoid detection by … YOU people!* [ * YOU people in this case refers to Earthlings ]. YOU people are hybrids. But that topic is for another time.

Please Notice that The Imperial Martian Flag positioned above His Supreme Imperial Highness is uniquely Martian and no flag like it exists anywhere in this sector of what you humans of Earth call ‘The Milky Way Galaxy’. We call it The Spirality of Amargor. Amargor in Martian means something similar to “mysteries”, but which are neither negative nor positive mysteries, but simply mysterious mysteries! More on The Imperial Martian Flag and The Imperial Martian Crown further down.

Martian Factoid:

David Bowie, though no longer alive, is considered to be a favourite Earthling by most Martians, including His Supreme Imperial Highness, Azaza The Ultimate, The Emperor of Mars.

It is an open secret that before he passed away, David Bowie managed to get Elon Musk to agree to have Bowie’s mummified body placed inside a SpaceX space-suit, called a Starman-suit, and then David’s mummified and Starman-suit-ed body was placed in the driver’s seat of Elon Musk’s Fantastic-Red Tesla Roadster which was then launched into space, on a trajectory to approach Mars! This top secret secret was first revealed by the Philosopher-Poet and Audio-Visual Artist, Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, within minutes of the successful launch. Please keep this secret secret as much as possible. ;-)

Shhh… Remember folks! It’s a Secret!

Yes. The Question is clearly answered! YES! There is Life on Mars.

Martian Factoid:

Major Tom is actually someone very real! We Martians know all about Major Tom!

This is Mars Control to Major Tom: We Imperial Martians Salute You!

Remember to Inquire about The Neo-Quasi-Crypto-Currency BALONEY~UM!

Martian Factoid:

The Imperial Martian Economy is Super-Social-Democratic and Wonderful! We eliminated all Manufactured Poverty, Home-Deprivation, Violent Crime, Corruption and Cruelty BILLIONS OF EARTH YEARS AGO!

Why don’t ‘YOU people’ try it! Stop the Inhumanity towards your fellow Earthlings! STOP IT!

Every Martian is Super-Comfortable and Super-Fulfilled!


Lovers of The Universe United in Diversity!

Here’s a little known secret: Maroon 5 are … yupp!…you guessed it! MARTIANS!

Of course, they will deny this with vehemence. That’s because that’s the Martian Lovers way…

Oh?! You want proof, huh? Sure…here:

Source: ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and ( )


“You’re getting heavy with me right now.”

When Adam Levine stopped by Late Show with David Letterman last night, the talk show host hadn’t brought up a painful memory from Levine’s past or a relationship that had gone sour. He didn’t even bring up Levine’s recent foray into foil highlights. The “heavy” conversation topic was simply about how Maroon 5 got their name, and it’s a sore subject for The Voice’s resident rocker.

“I won’t tell you where the name came from… it was my idea never to tell anybody.” Levine goes on to explain why the origins of Maroon 5’s band name will remain a secret, because the name was borne from a story so “uneventful, boring, stupid” that it “makes me feel bad about myself.”

“The origin of the name is so bad, it’s such a horrendous story, that we decided that shrouding it in mystery will make it a better story than the actual story. And it works!”

Good talk, Adam.’

Well: The Imperial Martian Empire’s Super-Secret Secret Spy Service knows the actual story behind the name “Maroon 5” … but … the IME’s SSSSS known to almost no one as: S 5 is also not going to tell ‘YOU people’ the secret actual story of where Maroon 5 got its name.

Suffice it to say: it has a lot to do about MARS!

And yes … though they will forever deny it: Maroon 5 are genuine Martians.

And here are some other famous Musical Talents who are actually Real Life MARTIANS:

Yes! The Beastie Boys! MARTIANS!




100,000% Certified MARTIAN!

Martian Factoid:

Marvin The Martian IS NOT a Martian.

Marvin The Martian is a cartoon character. Real Martians are Real People!

Martian People!

Need a reminder of the cartoon?


And The Imperial Martian Ministry of Anti-Racism hates the racism of the fake Martian cartoon character: Marvin The Martian.

We call him Marvin the @$*(&@$((@ ( a most offensive Martian expletive … so offensive that we cannot translate it, nor show its original spelling, be that in Martian Letters or Roman Earth Letters.

Martian Factoid:

Nor is the Roman “god” Mars a Real Martian.

We Martians would sue The Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks who called our planet Ares!

Mars is not Ares.

As for the 1960s TV Show: “My Favourite Martian” … well … while it’s nice, the Martian it depicts does not exactly resemble us at all.

American Actor and Comedian Ray Walston … slightly Martianic, but not a genuine real Martian.

The late Ray Bradbury, though not Martian has been an Honorary Martian since ‘The Martian Chronicles’ were first published on May the 4th, 1950!

May The Fourth Be With YOU Ray Bradbury…wherever your Soul is now.

Ray Bradbury in 1975 … The Poet of Science-Fiction … 1920–2012

JP Fenyo, the author of this, befriended Ray Bradbury in 1990, when he came to Homewood Campus at John’s Hopkins University in Baltimore as the 1990 Pouder Lecturer.

An Official JPL/NASA 360° View of Our Home Planet MARS.

And here’s Perseverance’s descent to Our Home Planet…Landing on Imperial Martian ‘Territory’ … ‘AzTeT’ ( word equivalent to ‘hard surface of Mars’ ).

Martian Factoid:

In Our Native Martian Language…Az-i-lut… ( Azilutian ) We Martians call Our Home Planet: Az . Which is Azilutian simply means Planet…as in Home-Planet. The Azilutian Alphabet is available upon request. Contact our Earth Representative directly for a Press Kit Package that includes the book: Azilutian for Beginners … The Native Martian Language Introductory book.
It includes the Azilutian ‘Alphabet’, an English-to-Azilutian/Azilutian-to-English Dictionary with over 40,000 words that ‘YOU people’ … YOU Earthlings might find useful should YOU be so darn lucky to stumble upon any solitary Martian that might have forgotten to hide from YOU!

YOU can find in the following videos some samples of Martian Letters and Words and Martian Product(s):

Alien-Up™ is The Martian Empire’s favourite soft-drink. For Earthling distributors interested, contact JP Fenyo directly.

The following is a movie inspired by Martian Life form(s):

The following video has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MARS… or…

maybe not?

And nor does this one:

… nor this one:

Ah! But this one does:

and this one too:

After so much heavy and serious video watching, a little brevity levity:

And now ( lower your listening volume down please ) a Public Service Announcement on the danger of the privatisation of Space:

The Martian Empire is this Star System’s best consumer of silly Earthling videos, including this Music Video:

Here is some Authentic Alien Music ( Beware! It is freakin’ weird! ):

The Martian Empire LOVES this Music Video from the 1980s:

Zlad! = Elektronik Supersonik !

It won the Imperial Martian Contest: AzaVision Pop Music Contest for what was the Earth Year equivalent: 2004 for “Elektronik Supersonik”…

… Santo Cilauro is not a Real Martian … but almost could be.

… which brings us back to Jamiroquai:

Martian Factoid:

The early 1980s Electro-Clash Avant-Garde Sci-Fi Cult Classic “Liquid Sky” is partly due to direct Martian influence!

Anne Carlisle is Pure Martian! Or at least, We Martians like to think so.





Every one of the two! Excellent People! InterGalactic-Super-Fantastic-Groovy People.

Kierin Magenta Kirby: MARTIAN! Stage name: Lady Miss Kier.

Dong Hwah-Chung: MARTIAN! Better known as Towa Tei.

And Dmitry Brill might be too!

Don’t remember them?

Here, this should refresh your memory:

The Martian Empire’s favourite Earthling movies about Az!

Here goes:

The Above is Genuine Az-Tech! Super-Advanced MARTIAN Technology.

The ZORKON Type 87A is our favourite! It is an Anti-Stupidity Beam Weapon.

Any Earthlings that would dare try to invade and harm us will be zapped by the ZORKON Type 87A. It will cause the target to become Non-Stupid!

And now back to the movies:

WE HATE THIS MOVIE … “Mars Attacks!” …. though it is funny … if one just pretends it is about Thereminians who went insane constantly playing Theremin ‘music’.

AND THIS ONE … “Red Planet” … is totally NOT about our beloved MARS!


Here’s a movie We Martians like:

It is somewhat accurate! Humans not always nice! Martians generally good!

IN REALITY We Martian are Totally Benevolent, Ethical and Psychologically healthy.

“The Martian” … not bad! But ONE BIG PROBLEM! The main character IS NOT AT ALL A MARTIAN!

AS FOR Elon Musk:


Musk be nuts!

The Imperial Martian Empire of Mars will never allow Elon Musk…who is an impostor claiming to be a Martian Imperator … trust Us Elon is not, has never been, and will never be a Martian Imperator.



Poor little Elon:



To Contact Us via basefook:

The photo is supposed to be of Elon Musk standing upside down in Outer-Space….

…. which is also nonsense!

There is no right-side-up nor up-side-down in Micro-Gravity … NZG .

The Inhuman Human defamatory attacks on Mars have been going on for a very long time:

Originally written by H.G. Wells in 1895 and 1897 “War of The Worlds” was adapted by the great master of cinematography and director of theatrical production and actor, Orson Welles, in 1938! What is very ‘weird’ is that it was set in 1939! The year Hitler’s invasion of Poland ignited World War Two!

Very silly! Silly Humans of Earth. But yes….We Martians are Peaceful and We don’t eat animals. We have ways of making complex proteins without having to harm animals.

Of course, there are those who are so stupid, they think a fictional character, Santa Claws actually conquered Mars in 1964! Ridiculous!

Here’s one not even worth talking about:

One of the earliest movies where humans pretend to be superior to us Martians:

And here’s another really outrageous depiction of Mars:

And this next piece of crap! Must have been a money-laundering scheme:

Just Imagine?! Obviously the one who came up with this crap had ZERO imagination.

“Mars Needs Moms” ??????? Cheesh! Garrr-baaage!

“John Carter” … Proof that something has gone very wrong with ‘YOU people’!

… “Princess of Mars” … HELP!!! Terrible! Just terrible!

Alright. I think We Martians have tortured ‘YOU people’ … YOU Humans of Planet Soil … I mean … of Planet Earth … enough.




I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!

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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!

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