On ‘God’ and Scientific Reality.

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
2 min readMay 15, 2022

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo


What do You specifically mean when You use the common noun ‘God’ ? WHICH ‘God’??

I ask this question, because I think You may not know what Scientific Reality tells us about what might be any real entity that would in some restricted sense suffice to be called ‘God’.

I am Scientific and Spiritual, and my acute understanding of these Existential esoteric matters of potential penultimate consequence is … well … acute and logic-based.

And I always begin by this Scientifically LOGICAL FACT: IF there is a non-Physical, Indestructible, Eternal Entity that is the Source ‘Designer’ or ‘Intelligent Force’ that enters into a relationship with Physical…in effect; pre-biological Chemical…reality and begins evolving the first Cells..then in an INFINITE REALITY OF TOTAL TOTALITY of ETERNAL AND UNLIMITED SPACE-TIME-CHANGE there can be no ABSOLUTE POINT OF TOTALITY CREATION and hence; any Real ‘God’ Entity. would not be Omni-Potent at the direct Physical Level … and thus a lot of what has happened and continues to happen/occur is a mix of Random Chaos and Intentionality…whereby the ‘Force’ that is ‘God’ cannot form perfect cells and thus cannot form perfect life circumstances either.

Basically Speaking: the notion of a Physically All-Powerful ( Omnipotent ), All-Knowing ( Omniscient ), and All-Present ( Omnificent ) ‘God’ is Scientifically ILLOGICAL and IMPOSSIBLE.

My ‘God’ is An Eternal Spiritual Entity that is able to form the first cells and make ‘efforts’ to react and adapt cells to the chaos of an ever-changing Physical Reality…and I INTUIT that ‘God’ is LOVE and seeks to adjust ITS LIVING ENTITIES to become more ‘God-like’ and hence more LOVING. LOVE being experienced as the Desire to Seek to Assist Others in their quest for Real Happiness that is Non-Impositional.

The idea of a ‘God’ that is ALL-POWERFUL playing psychological and physical games with ITS LESSER Creations is INSANE and has no basis in Scientifically Evident Reality. Such a ‘God’ would be essentially evil, and that is something my INTUITION SENSES would make no sense.

‘God’ is EXISTENCE which seeks to Experience the Physical Reality through Bio-Electro-Chemical Organisms and the general direction of relatively Natural Evolution is towards more perfect forms of LIFE that are less and less imperfect in the manner of their conduct.

So: what do YOU mean by ‘God’.





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