Racism, Fascism, Genocide: all three are parts of one and the same Anti-Democratic sick-mindedness.

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
4 min readApr 21, 2022


By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

When I was poisoned it did not occur to me that there would be long-term damage, and it only became apparent years later. I wish I had never trusted people the way I did when I was younger; especially people who never got de-Nazified at all.

Horthy was a very evil monster. He and Stalin both gave Hitler and Mussolini and other fellow fascists the resources and/or geo-strategic means and circumstances needed to launch WW2. Anyone who seeks to rehabilitate Stalin and/or Horthy is as evil as any who follow Hitler-ism and Mussolini-ism….the main first-half-of-the-20th-Century ‘styles’ of fascism. Monstrosities!

All manner of fascisms are monstrosities. All manner of racisms are evil.

They, the racists, the fascists, always begin by promising people calm and order.

Of course: Real Calm and Order comes not from Divide-Rule-Enslave Fascisms, but from Liberating Pro-Social-Democracy and Logical Scientific Reasoning.

I am a Mr. Spock admirer. And also someone who once spoke directly, one-on-one, with thee wonderful Leonard Nimoy.

I AM WHAT I AM: an Anti-Fascist Pro-Democracy, Pro-Unity-in-Diversity Humanist…and Infinity-Conscious Ethical Universalist.

And to think that my paternal grandfather, Miksa Fenyo, actually spoke up and tried to prevent WW2….especially given his/my ethnicity and the evil of anti-semitic racism that has sought to destroy us.

All of us different types of Semitic peoples are generally disliked and sometimes very severely hated ( I am Sephardi ) just because we are the people who tend to teach the Ethics that truly oppose racism, slavery, genocide…etc. TORAH. TORAH is about Democracy, Freedom, Liberty! LIFE!

Not the religious mis-representation of TORAH, mind you.

But the Spinoza, Einstein, Fenyo proper understanding of the basic TENets of TORAH.

Those of us who truly are educated about the real History of the entire ancient Mixing-Bridge of Humanity are united for Real Global Peace based on Socio-Economic Fairness and Social Justice. The TENets of TORAH.

All the main three continental peoples that had initially come from Africa re-converged between ancient Egypt and ancient Sumeria; forming the Ur-Semitic and Kimetic-Semitic peoples who built the first true relatively civilised civilisations.

Inbreeding was the tendency of the most of the other peoples of the rest of the World…

Inbreeding is detrimental in that it not only eventually results in genetic disorders that make such people less able to cope with the constant risk of new diseases, etc., but it creates extreme forms of reactive-tribalism…as there is no regular, healthy contact with and mixing with other variations of Humans.

Racism is rampant in those who in-breed out of their fear of being ‘polluted’ by other types of peoples.

Sephardim, such as I am, are one of the most Genetically Diverse Semitic peoples.

But Racism keeps on messing up our planet’s Biosphere and endangering all Humanity.

Racism is the most evil thing!

FEAR OF OTHERNESS and of the rights of individual persons to be free to be who they are and/or who they want to be: IS EVIL.

Conflicts do not come from truly Honest and Respectful inter-mixing.

Conflicts come from ISOLATIONISM and the resulting problems that non-diversity cause.

So: diversity through non-domination and non-imposition is the way forward.

Keep in mind that I use the word FASCIST in its most rudimentary and elemental way: FORCED UNITY ( also: ENFORCED UNITY ) and thus. …. as implied: FORCED EXCLUSION of OTHER-ness!

And there are fascists within all societies…all ethnicities…all cultures: except the single culture of direct and deliberate anti-fascism.

Fascism is essentially sick, because it is the essence of all organised racism ( including reactive reverse-racism ).

Racism always eventually results in genocide.

That is a fact proven by the overwhelming Historical Record as indisputable documented evidence.

Racism always eventually results in senseless violence, endless warfare, and hence Crimes Against Humanity….in efforts to eradicate other types of people! How sickening and sad all of this hatred is.

The Thirty Years War, World War One and World War Two are evidence.

Tribalism and hence Tribal Wars by one people against another have existed all throughout Human History. None are excusable.

Real self-defence and racism do not mix.

This has been the case also amongst the competing ancient empires of other continents and regions of the World.

Rather than truly learn and change: racist people are still doing the same evil things to one-another… because criminals are the fascists…and, logically, it follows thus that fascists are basically hard-core violent criminals…and thus all fascists eventually form organised criminal syndicates with global-reach-ability ( no thanks to the incorrect way the current technology allowed for )….and all such violent thugs use the methods that cause people to feel terrified.

Of course; those who are attacked first are the genuine victims. And those who harm innocent people on the basis of seeking to get rid of non-innocent people are insane.

Diverse, pro-unity-in-diversity people like us end up being the ultimate victims.

Unfortunately greedsters, opportunistic parasites, i.e. klepto-plutocratic fascists, wrecked things…whenever we try to bring about Universalist Coexistence and Careful Sharing based on Generosity and Compassion.

Violent forms of Tribalism are toxic.

Universalism…based on One Humanity Philosophy…of Scientific and Spiritual Super-Consciousness: is the only real way for Human Species Survival.





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