The EU & Asimovian Robotonomics: The Only Way Forward Away From Total Disaster!

By Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc., Creator/Namer of Asimovian Robotonomics, the real solution to everything that matters now!

“Germany faces highest inflation rates in decades (since the 1920s and 1970s ) … Average energy prices across Europe rose by more than 17% in September ( 2021 ) alone.” source: Euronews. < > European Commission official statement published on the 13th of October, 2021 ( see link below to official EC-EU report ) : “The European Union, like many other regions in the world, is currently facing a sharp spike in energy prices. This is a serious concern for citizens, businesses, the European Commission and governments all over the EU.

Today’s spike is principally driven by increased global demand for energy, in particular gas, linked to the global economic recovery. While energy price fluctuations have occurred in the past, the current situation is exceptional as European households and companies face the prospect of higher energy bills at a time when many have been hit by loss of income due to the pandemic. This could weigh on Europe’s recovery and its fairness and inclusiveness, and exacerbate energy poverty. It also risks undermining confidence and support in the clean energy transition which is required not just to avert disastrous climate change but also to reduce the EU’s vulnerability to fossil fuel price volatility.

The European Commission aims to help and support Member States in addressing the negative impact on households and businesses. Having listened to Member States, the European Parliament, industry and consumers, and international partners, it has prepared this Communication to enact and support appropriate measures to mitigate the impact of the current energy price rises. … ( see full published report link as ‘comment’ below )…”

IT IS BECAUSE of the aforementioned and other reasons that I decided to re-examine the overall global reality, and found these facts, figures and arrived at the same conclusion as always:

The European Union’s economic, and hence, political influence on the top 2 key players of the World is often ignored by major news media in the West, especially in the USA and China; the World’s two most important, unfortunately ‘unpleasantly inter-connected’ ( in terms of the feedback loop of economic instability, due to degree of volatility and vulnerability between the combined USA-CHINA-INTERDEPENDENCY and the REST-OF-THE-WORLD ).

The EU’s total estimated GDP for 2020 was around $15 Trillion ( USD ) in 2020.

The USA’s total est. GDP for 2020 was around $21 Trillion.

CHINA’s est. GDP for 2020: around $15 Trillion ( Just ahead of the EU in terms of Global Economic Influence. CHINA’s internal reality is not helped by the fact that its current leadership is in a state of chaos, where the current ruler is failing to have the Wisdom of Deng Xiao Ping! ).

The total combination of all other top GDP ( nominal ) key players, totalling an estimated $30 Trillion, which include the following: Japan = $5 Trillion. UK = $2.7 Trillion. INDIA = $2.6 Trillion. Canada = $1.6 Trillion. South Korea = $1.6 Trillion. Russia = $1.5 Trillion ( near-total Kleptocratic/Plutocratic Fascist dictatorship. It would do so, so much better for its people/economy if it were a democracy! ). Brazil = $1.4 Trillion ( a failed democracy in the extreme, with a nutcase as its leader. Another example of wealth potential squandered, and extreme socio-economic disparity. ) . Australia = $1.3 Trillion. Mexico = $1.2 Trillion ( a very complex and problematic situation affects Mexico; which has a weird mix of democratic and anti-democratic realities, a significant corruption problem, and the World’s most difficult ongoing socio-economic and socio-ecological series of crises! Mexico would otherwise be a shining star among the key economies of the World. It is a G20 member. But instead: narco-traffickers exploit its internal malaise and weakness as a back-door for those terroristic organised crime syndicates that seek to wreck the USA and Canada! Yet: the Mexican people are the victims too: sandwiched between the rest of the Americas, Southward, and the racism of a significant 35% to 40% of the USA’s population! I cry for Mexico! It’s potential is huge! It’s food and cultural heritage is among the best the World has to offer! Mexico and Hungary are two of the World’s most tragic GDP stories! ). Indonesia = $1.1 Trillion ( a very, very complex reality…and a very deficient democracy ). Saudi Arabia = $0.8 Trillion ( not long ago it was further up this GDP list! It is still part of the G20. But it is also, similar to Iran; a very problematic nation in the region! A very selfish nation, that even is stingy towards its own half…who are living in relative poverty and in total fear! Tragic! Saudi Arabia would otherwise become The Democratic Republic of Arabia, and would easily be a shining star and a potential stability factor! ) Switzerland = $0.8 Trillion. Taiwan = $0.8 Trillion ( very interesting fact: Taiwan is the most technologically advanced computer microchip maker in the world! ). Turkey = $0.8 Trillion ( another example of a major economy that would do so, so much better if it were a democracy, but it is currently a most corrupt Kakistocracy and partial-Theocracy under the dictatorial abuse of someone not at all qualified to be its leader.). Iran = $0.7 Trillion ( but it has a huge population and severe demographic imbalances and a totally Theocratic Fascist government that keeps doing things that harms the Iranian people’s real economic interests! ) Poland = $0.6 Trillion ( Impressive economic results, which are now at major risk, due to the intransigence and anti-democratic attitude of its current government! Hungary and Poland being the two remaining thorns in the EU’s crown. Poland with a GDP of $585.7B ranked the 22nd largest economy in the world, while Norway ranked 30th with $434.2B. By GDP 5-years average growth and GDP per capita, Poland and Norway ranked 53rd vs 142nd and 62nd vs 5th, respectively. ). Nigeria = $0.5 Trillion ( Corruption and Ethno-Religious chaos combined with Socio-Economic Injustice and rampant violence affecting its poor. Nigeria has proven it has huge potential, but is also a demographic and socio-economic ‘Ticking TB’! Nigeria is deficient in democracy, and yet it is Africa’s most powerful economy! Norway = $0.4 Trillion ( top heavy est. ). Singapore = $0.4 Trillion ( top heavy est. ). Israel = $0.4 ( An otherwise vulnerable nation with a way too complex and tragic set of circumstances, severely damaged by the years of serious harm caused by Bibi Netanyahu and his antisemitic, anti-democratic, and anti-progressive revisionist ultra-nationalist, fascist, policies and rampant corruption! Israel could eventually emerge as a true stability-creating nation, but it would need to truly help raise the profile of the few Palestinians who would ever be able to deliver real peace to what would otherwise also have to be a truly benevolent Jewish Spiritual and Scientific nation-state. If Israel would truly live up to its own true potential, instead of abetting the fascists, such as Putin, Orban and others, then Israel would help bring about a World Era of True Peace with Social Democracy and pro-Green policies! I keep hoping, but see little at present. The World’s evil antisemites make the lives of average Israelis and average non-Israeli Jews elsewhere, miserable and severely endangered! Time to keep on playing Matisyahu’s song: ) Egypt = $0.4 Trillion ( Egypt is all over the place! It could easily become a very positive influencer in Africa and the World, but it is affected by a most difficult internal Sociological Reality! It is very, very hard to Judge Egypt! Egypt is to Africa what CHINA is to Asia, in terms of contradictions and volatility potential IF the managing ruling class were to fail to maintain Law & Order and yet, both of these demographic Ticking TBs could at any time collapse into such chaos…endangering the whole World! Same with Iran, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia! ). Trillion. Argentina = $0.4 Trillion ( a nation that is not exactly a proper democracy and has major demographic imbalances and bad socio-economic policies. ). UAE = $0.4 Trillion. Oman = $0.4 Trillion. South Africa = $0.3 Trillion ( What a tragic state of affairs there! Mandiba, Nelson Mandela, and Stephen Biko, would be profoundly disappointed, to say the least! ) Pakistan = $0.3 Trillion ( Another major destabilising nation…which felt forced to develop Ultimate WMD Capacity…forced by INDIA’s own effort to gain Geo-Political and Military Parity with CHINA. Pakistan’s internal contradictions are enormous! Very sad! ). Chile = $0.3 Trillion. Qatar = $0.2 Trillion. Kuwait = $0.2 Trillion ( interesting fact: The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest-valued unit of currency in the world! And Kuwait is self-sufficient in Steel! ). New Zealand = $0.2 Trillion. Kazakhstan = $0.2 Trillion ( top heavy estimate. Certainly not a democracy. ) Hungary = $0.2 Trillion [ Side-Note( Hungary is also, if taken separately at $0.2 Trillion in GDP ( nominal ) 2020. Which is why the socio-economic gap/imbalance is probably the most severe on in all of the EU !!! Meaning: CORRUPTION! Meaning: Non-Democracy! Worse than Poland; which has four times more people/population! Poland is also a major EU failed democracy. ].

ALL IN ALL The EU, with France being its true Soul of Democracy and Human Rights ( on paper and in terms of its Legal Systemics ), and Germany being its key Powerhouse Economy, is currently having to manage far more by itself than it should have to. My USA was hijacked by Putin, and four years of Putin’s Puppet, Trump, caused very severe and lasting damage, harm to The USA’s Special Role in the Post-WW2 Reality! And the failure to stop all Fascists from being able to officially Run for Official Government Office is the main reason why the USA and EU are in grave danger! While Russia keeps on agitating for Global Reach Power, CHINA suffers from the whole Global Economic and Political Instability, that it itself is currently failing to deal with, in spite of CHINA’s past Global Security and Geo-Political Stability Role…which it appears to have foolishly jettisoned over the years….and INDIA’s own internal demographic and regional failures! SO…Conclusion: The EU needs, with utmost urgency, to lead the Way Forward for All Humanity and Implement the Basic Essence of Asimovian Robotonomics! Otherwise: the USA/CHINA Equation, as made far worse by Russia’s current Regime, will very soon plunge the World into a Final Insanity of Horrors beyond all comprehension! IS ANYONE REALLY CARING TO LISTEN??? Asimovian Robotonomics Infinity Day The Free Advice Man




I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!

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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!

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