The REAL Real Reason Putin is doing this! You hear it here first!

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
8 min readFeb 26, 2022


Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc. & Investigative Journalist.

IF you listen to the ‘experts’…even some of those who have been analysing Putin’s every move, every statement, every word, every emotion, and his personal past history, and you accept…till now…their conclusions, you would not be at fault for believing that Putin is merely seeking to restore the Russian Imperialist dominion that for most of the 20th Century pretended to be a Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but was actually a corrupted plutocratic oligarchy of fake socialists, comprised mostly of the members of the Politburo and some of the top military generals and naval admiralty. You would, yourself, conclude that Putin & Co. … basically he and a certain small inner circle of Gulag-mafia criminals thugs turned super-rich oligarchs…having been part of a very old, lasting masterplan to gradually take over control of the entire World….or at least a huge chunk of our World….[ refer to: “Active Measures”, “Kompromat”, “Mikhail Bakunin”, “Peter The Great”, “Stalin”, “Aleksandr Dugin”, “Eurasian Movement”, “Germanen Volkisch Movement”, “Prussian Imperialism”, antisemitic “British-Israelism”, “Identitarian Movement”, “White genocide conspiracy theory” ( which is so false…it is tragically laughable … considering the overall reality of what has actually happened! ), “Stalinism”, etc. ] … are simply continuing with their overall plan. And, well, to a significant extent that is all very much the case: pseudo-Russians pretending to be real descendants of ancient Russians…pseudo-Russians who are part-Prussian, i.e. part-Germanic…as in Romano-Germanic, have indeed had a longterm plan, which, with significant help from extremely selfish conflict-profiteering opportunists, mostly racist white supremacists with tons of stolen money…money syphoned-off from the public by means of clever deceptions, tax loopholes, offshore accounts, etc….all in our ( Western ) own midst …hiding in plain sight….have been damagingly successful, way too harmfully so, in kompromatising, grooming, sleeper-agent infiltration-ing, corrupting with the goal of undermining and demolishing our democracies!

BUT here’s the thing: there is a major factor that almost no one yet…as of the moment I publish this…knows about; which significantly helps explain why Putin is actually doing what he is doing in the relatively sloppy manner he is doing so, right now.

Here are the key points:

  1. Putin’s actual mother was…would seem to be…a woman named Vera Putina…originally a Georgian woman, who had had intimacy and became impregnated by a man named Platon Privalov, a Russian…possibly part-Chinese…mechanic, who was married to someone else at that time. AND IF this is so: then Putin’s symptoms of developing Parkinson’s Disease would not be mere speculation, but would be highly likely. In any case, Putin shows every indication of a serious degenerative disease that, in someone trained to be paranoid, someone trained to always carry his own personal protection weapon, probably a specially fitted ( silencer and laser pointer ) GSh-18, loaded with very special issue ammo ( probably highly toxic chemical agent tipped, wide puncture impact rounds ), would explain his nervous foot tapping, lack of arm muscle control and indication of dilated pupils, stemming from special medication prescribed to him, to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. FYI: Putin is Prussian and Georgian; not Real-Russian. Vera Putina was a cousin of Stalin and Putin found this out and has always sought to be as powerful as Stalin. He admires Stalin [ see video below, about Putin’s Russian Orthodox ‘church’ insanity. ].
  2. Parkinson’s Disease and also certain medications taken to slow down its progression can, and often does, detrimentally affect one’s memory access and ability to properly focus and think logically and considerately!
  3. As is the case with all life-long authoritarian dictators; Putin has always had a formidable array of enemies, especially those closest to him, who are seeking to find weaknesses in Putin which they can easily exploit in their efforts to cautiously remove him from power. And there can be no doubt that some of these people seeking to take over his position(s) of power, are also very wary of Putin’s severe lack of cautious pragmatism, long-term wisdom, lack of proper human compassion, and ruthless, cowardly and totally unethical conduct and willingness to commit mass murder and genocide [ see video links below ].
  4. Putin is hyper-vigilant, but, in spite of his general sense of extreme caution and trained paranoia: Putin knows he is making more and more mistakes, which will eventually allow one of his various enemies to remove him, and thus he knows that he is running out of time to achieve his general goal; ensuring that his fellow Eurasian Movement Racist Antisemitic Imperialists will inherit a somewhat restored Soviet Union-like Empire that can eventually dominate the whole World!
  5. Putin is aware, as are all key leaders of the major nations of the World, that all these hi-tech means by which ‘enemies’ real and perceived, current and potential-future-enemies can and will seek to undermine ‘Russian’ Imperialism ( Eurasian Movement Fascism ), necessitate all sorts of pre-emptive actions.

Putin was actually not counting on his lap-puppy, Trump, getting re-elected, after the Democrats ( I am a Social Democrat who supports the Democratic Party ) won the US 2018 mid-term elections and gained control over The House of Representatives.

But Putin had a Plan B already devised. Trump would incite his followers to storm the most sacred building of American democracy, to prevent the official counting and certification of the result of the Electoral College votes, to formalise President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 US Presidential Elections. And, as History will forever record, January 6, 2021 will be a day of infamy in the History of America, when Trump-Putinists stormed the US Capitol building, and these anti-democracy Trump-Putinist terrorists, traitors, almost succeeded. In their attempt to destroy The Secular Democratic United States of America’s democratic republic, they intentionally caused lethal harm and attempted to further murder law-respecting, loyal, pro-democratic American citizens and elected officials.

Had they achieved what they wanted to, these traitors of America’s democracy, the anti-Constitutional Trump-Putinists, would not only begin to execute any and all political representatives they could illegally detain, loyal Americans who Trump had deliberately falsely accused of having stolen the elections, but they would then invite Trump to make a nationally televised speech from the podium of the House of Representatives, in which he would then falsely authorise his millions of brainwashed supporters to hunt down all those who oppose Trump and who refused to vote for Trump, by falsely claiming that they were serving China’s efforts to eventually fully invade and take over America!

The 2020 Elections’ results were legitimate, but Trump had been deliberately falsely claiming that the elections were rigged and stolen. Trump deliberately incited his brainwashed followers to do what they did on January the 6th, in part, because Trump knew ( and knows ) that he, and his closest circle of confidants and accomplices, accomplices to his various crimes, would eventually face prosecution for many most-serious crimes committed, not just during the four years he served as Putin’s lap-puppy, but for crimes perpetrated earlier, and perpetrated since losing the elections.

Putin’s Plan B was to include providing any and all manner of possible support to Trump-Putinist fascists in the hours, days, weeks and months that would follow the beginning of what would eventually have been called The Great American Purge. Trump’s infamous wall at the border with Mexico, which Trump was, fortunately, never able to finish, was not mostly intended to keep Mexican M-13 Gang members out, but to prevent Americans, democrats and other non-Trump-Putinists, and all pro-democracy anti-fascists, from being able to flee, many who would logically seek to flee by driving their motor-vehicles ( cars, SUVs, vans, etc. ) across the border into Mexico, so as to escape the most horrific, violent, purges, persecutions that Trump and his hardcore inner circle were planning on inciting, instigating and coordinating throughout the USA! And while the USA would have then descended into total violent internal war; Putin would send his own military units to the northernmost US States bordering Canada, and basically prop up Trump and his Trump-Putinist fascists, the way Putin is now doing in Belorussia. Then Putin, having fully set up his vassal Trumpist USA, would easily be able to further dismantle all other democracies left. And by so doing; eradicate any serious threat to an Imperialist Russian World Power.

But, fortunately and thanks to some real life heroes, Plan B also failed to materialise. And without Trump in power; the next of Putin’s loyal puppets, Bibi Netanyahu was also removed, weakening Putin’s ability to gradually take over the whole Middle East. And now he knows that without Trump, Viktor Orban and other useful, dangerous, democracy-demolishing criminal opportunists will also be removed. And in this changed reality, his fellow Oligarchs have begun to understand that Putin’s Plans are failing, and that they must find some way to remove him from power. So Putin is now resorting to Plan C: the full invasion of the Ukraine, so as to force all the other ‘Russian’ Oligarchs to fall in line, by raising their stakes to the limit. And part of Plan C is to continue to fool China into abetting his assault on democracies; which China’s current leadership thinks will benefit China too. But the truth is this; Putin’s Plan C is nothing more than a desperate final effort by Putin to gradually threaten to push the whole World to the brink of oblivion. He is hoping to at once prevent any rival oligarch from being able to remove him, and play the Ultimate Game of Chicken; whereby Putin is convinced the EU and the USA will fail to remain sufficiently united and will eventually capitulate. But the World economy is at risk of totally collapsing, while the effects of Severe Global Climate Instability are threatening to destroy almost all life on Earth…and these major, impending threats combined with a protracted war in the Ukraine risk causing a total series of violent conflicts worldwide and…within months…THE END !!!

SO: think about all this. Because, truth be told, Putin has always been ‘a very stable genius’ … NOT! And unless we all stand up to this insanity, and unless we finally put an end to what amounts to deliberate impoverishment and deliberate deprivation of essential housing to all citizens of our fragile and fantastically beautiful pearl of a planet, we will not manage to survive any of these shocks to the entire Biosphere.

We urgently need to implement Asimovian Robotonomics, Mass Infinity Awareness that is the only way to generate sufficient Wisdom and Enlightened Compassion, so as to prevent the further most-dangerous abuse of all these advanced technologies…that, in the hands of organised criminal entities will definitely result in THE END.

There is no other way out of all this extreme danger.

< Putin’s INSANE temple of doom! By approval of the most antisemitic theocratic entity ever. Neither the Soviet Red Army Generals and heroes of WW2, who fought the evil Nazis and other Fascists, irrespective of Stalin’s own sick, evil fascism [ keep in mind that Stalin helped launch WW2 by agreeing to what became the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which basically was a plot by both Hitler and Stalin to destroy and absorb Poland ], would ever approve of this monstrosity. Both Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, i.e. Lenin, nor Lev Davidovich Bronstein, i.e. Trotsky, would find Neo-Stalinism and Putinism and this insane temple of doom to be most revolting and disgusting and shamelessly shameful! They would both shred this insane creep to shreds. Keep in mind that Stalin was a devout antisemitic Russian Orthodox Georgian and a thief-murderer, who poisoned to death Lenin, then Krupskaya too, and ordered the assassination of Trotsky!



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