To support Putin is stupid insanity. Why? Read this!

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
5 min readFeb 24, 2022


By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc.

Vladivostok Wrath-Spew-Tini & Viktator Orbanoffski : Warped Worldviews & Psychopathological Mindsets.

Democracy’s enemy is Fascism…any type of Fascism.

Are You uncertain about which side of this current conflict is the most serious threat to World Peace and Progress?

Let’s examine the facts:

Putin loves the ideas behind The Eurasian Movement, which has connections to and similar views with The Germanen Volkisch Movement, The Indentitarian Movement, The British-Israelism* Movement ( *note: these are actually hardcore antisemites who hate the idea of a democratic Israel and are racists ) and he loves the ideas of Aleksandr Dugin, many of the ideas of Mikhail Bakunin, and he has no qualms about befriending and supporting dictators who use chemical weapons on their own citizens, and he thinks of himself as a cross between Peter The Great and Stalin, and he has found it very useful to be seen as a devout supporter of the rightwing version of The Russian Orthodox Church, in the most reactionary sense. He likes the anti-individualism and anti-democratic worldview of the hardcore of the Russian Orthodox Ultra-Nationalists, and thus supports the Rightwing Antisemitic Evangelical movements, and which are for the traditional male-dominated family model, and thus is opposed to any model of marriage and family that would allow for women to have full equality to men under law, and is very opposed to the rights of persons who are homosexual or bisexual, he considers it dangerous for children to be raised by persons who are not strictly heterosexual, he opposes the right of women to be anything but obedient wives and mothers. He thinks all Russian men and women should be loyal to him and those who share his worldview, and that those who do not share his worldview are a danger to the Russian people and nation.

Putin has directly expressed strong support for authoritarian leaders, especially those who are opposed to democracy and those who are opposed to the human rights of individual persons, because he sees human rights of individuals as a threat to a disciplined society of obedient citizens who will be willing to die for his ultra-Conservative, anti-democratic and reactionary Russian nationalist movement and agenda. He thinks Russian ethnic domination of the Soviet Union was beneficial to all the other ethnicities that it had control over and which it exploited. He supports Russian Imperialism, and thinks the only way to secure Russia’s interests is to support anti-democratic movements around the World, so as to keep the World at large too divided and sufficiently weak, so that eventually Russian elites can gradually or swiftly take over the economies and societies that become weak enough and that would benefit from having anti-democratic authoritarian leadership, provided that that leadership agrees to serve Russian Nationalist interests, and he is certain that Russia has no other option but to dominate Europe and North America, and is only interested in forming a temporary alliance with China and India, so as to help achieve Russian dominance.

Putin thinks China should be helped to dominate the Far East and Asian-Pacific Region, but that eventually, once China and India have served Russia’s interim plan, that China and India will need to accept Russia as the World’s sole superpower. Putin is opposed to true Internationalism and any efforts at non-ultra-nationalist Universalism that is based on the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To better understand Putin’s mindset and the ideas he identifies with, you should read and understand those books that Putin studied. Putin thoroughly studied ‘The Prince’ by Niccoló Machiavelli, ‘The Art of War’ by Sun-Tzu, Edward Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’ and his essay ‘The Engineering of Consent’, and Putin would like to see every copy of Wilhelm Reich’s ‘The Mass Psychology of Fascism’, Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’, Baruch Spinoza’s ‘The Ethics’ and ‘A Theologico-Political Treatise’, Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and ‘The Martian Chronicles’, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s ‘Slaughterhouse Five’ and ‘Welcome to The Monkey House’, Philip k. Dick’s ‘Radio Free Albemuth’, and Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo’s ‘The Most Important Thought’ destroyed, burnt to ashes at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

Putin is the top honcho among a group of plutocratic fascist oligarchs who are willing to risk destroying the whole World in order to get whatever it is they want. IF You support Putin then You are against your own individual humanity, freedom and liberty. Putin and his type have long benefitted from pseudo-conservative rightwing pseudo-democratic plutocratic fascists elsewhere who sold out democracy by corrupting society, seeking to criminalise society’s individualists, and outlawing basic human rights.

Think about this. Not one word stated here is factually false. And the next question one should think about is: ¿Who serves or served Putin best? The answer is, dangerously defective characters such as Viktor Orban, corrupt members of the so-called Conservative Tory Party of the UK, the current pseudo-Republican Party of the USA Trumpists, and various ruthless anti-democratic thugs all around the World, many of whom were helped into power by … yes!….you got it: Putin & Co.

Do your own further research: read about ‘Active Measures’ ( i.e. KGB and its successor ), Kompromat, Soviet Sleeper Agents, Aleksandr Dugin, read Bill Browder’s documentary book ‘Red Notice’, learn about the late Sergei Magnitsky and The Magnitsky Act, The Panama Papers, The Paradise Papers, The Pandora Papers… Follow the stench of stolen public wealth and the connections between those who have been undermining democracy and corrupting and criminalising innocent people and ruining the economies of our relative democracies, who orchestrated the Financial Crisis of 2007–2008 and how it served to destabilise otherwise very successful Social Democracies in Europe.

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, the writer of this brief essay on Putin & Co. has been directly targeted and harmed by Putin, Orban and others associated with them, and is still threatened by these anti-democratic and anti-humanistic criminal thugs.

L’essentiel en bref et en français.: Poutine se considère comme un nouveau Pierre le Grand, admire Staline et croit à la folie qu’Aleksandr Dugin et son Mouvement eurasien croient. Ce n’est pas quelqu’un avec qui on peut raisonner. Espérons que quelqu’un le remplacera bientôt… quelqu’un qui est assez proche et pourtant pas totalement fou. Poutine est anti-humaniste et anti-démocratique et un vrai fasciste. Un raciste et mysogyne..



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