Viktor Orban is a major violator of the rule of law and human rights, and endangers the whole World by helping Putin undermine and wreck the EU. The facts are there for everyone to see.

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo
4 min readMar 19, 2022

By Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc.

Viktor Orban and his fellow fascists are deliberately exploiting a fake whistle-blower wearing a Guy Fawkes mask; who constantly makes fake claims about those opposed to Viktor Orban’s pro-Putinist regime.

Viktor Orban, the fascist Hungarian demagogue, a friend of Putin, the war criminal, and a supporter of the ideology behind Dugin’s Eurasian Movement, is deliberately using the Hungarian national television channels, which it controls, but which is paid for by taxes collected from the general public, to deliberately deceive the general Hungarian public by lying about what exactly has been stated by the opposition candidates, including what Mr. Peter Marki-Zay has stated. Mr. Marki-Zay has stated that if he becomes Prime Minister of Hungary he would not hesitate to stand with all the other NATO member nations, if even just one single NATO member were to be attacked by Russia’s Putinist fascist regime.

Mr. Marki-Zay has never said that he would endanger the people of his country, Hungary, by doing anything other than abiding by the membership obligations of all NATO member states. But the public television station, illegally being used to deceive the Hungarian public, has intentionally lied to the public and has deceptively edited all the video taken of Mr. Marki-Zay to give the public the impression that those opposed to Viktor Orbán, such as Mr. Marki-Zay, are war-loving maniacs. And they falsely give the public impression that Mr. Orban is the peaceful peace-seeking peace-make; when the evidence, the facts, clearly show that Viktor Orban and his inner circle have, for over a decade, have intentionally served Putin’s efforts to undermine and destroy democracy, human rights, freedoms and liberties, in order to help Putin turn Russia into a total fascist, most nuclear armed mortal enemy of democracy and human rights.

Orban has caused immense, serious, lethal harm to millions of Hungarians, in his effort to re-establish a Stalinist-type Russian dictatorship for benefit of Putin and other fascist enemies of democracy, and in his effort to re-create Horthy-ist fascism in Hungary. Russian Putinist fascist agents all over Europe and North America have been volunteering to seriously, even lethally, harm any and all Hungarian citizens who oppose Orban’s pro-Putinist fascist regime, which is a significant part of the immense global loose alliance of violent, racist, antisemitic fascists! Now Orban pretends to be Europe’s key peace-maker! But all intelligent and well-informed Hungarians know the actual truth about Viktor Orban, the fascist who undermined the European Union in order to strengthen the ability of Putin and other Eurasian fascists to gradually destroy all European democracies.

The facts are simple: all NATO member states are legally bound to a mutual-defence pact designed to defend all other NATO member countries from any and all enemies; such as Putin’s fascist, warmongering, fascist regime. But Orban thinks he can deceive the Hungarian public, by most-dangerously lying about all those opposed to his fascist methods and neo-fascist Horthy-ist regime. All EU citizens through the EU must do their own cautious investigations and research which will show, without any doubt, that Viktor Orban has caused immense harm to Hungary’s majority and endangers the very existence of all civilisations. The evidence is overwhelming that Orban is an accomplice and facilitator who serves Russia’s fascist dictator and evidentially-obvious war criminal.

If Viktor Orban and his fellow fascists remain in power beyond April the 3rd’s national elections; then Putin will be seriously encouraged to invade other European countries, and gradually push the whole World to total chaotic war!

Orban is a threat to international peace and is willing to abet genocide. Orban has embraced many fascists and has wrecked, devastated the lives Hungary’s majority.

The opposition parties united against Viktor Orban’s anti-democratic fascist regime are not flawless, but compared to those supporting the Orban fascist regime, they are generally within the norms of the pro-EU democratic parties of the European Union. If they fail to end the Orban regime, Putin will remain in power longer, because he will further exploit Orban’s willingness to seriously undermine and harm the EU and NATO’s security…even as Orban will continue to destroy lives and democracies whilst pretending to be for democracy!



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