We Are On A Spaceship…

…and we better take better care of it!

Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo

Photo: Thomas Pesquet ( France ), Courtesy ESA/NASA. Gift to the World.

“We are on a Spaceship that travels through Time, and the Stars, Planets, Moons, and the Galaxies of Stars, Planets, Moons inspire us to imagine things yet to be and things impossible! And it is in-between the Scientifically Possible and Impossible that We are set free to flights of fantasy and fantastic flights beyond our wildest imaginations, for it is one thing to be held down by Gravity and another to Float giddy and to dream sleeping in no direction at all! The Astro-Cosmo-nauts dreams are very strange indeed, for their dreams are the most organic! Yearning to return to Mother! To Home! GAIA! Earth! The place of our birth! We are on a Spaceship…and We better repair it before the fit hits the shan.” ~ Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Infinity Day

Asimovian Robotonomics

The Emperor of Mars

The Free Advice Man

#COP26 #PlanetOneLove #GretaThunberg #AsimovianRobotonomics #InfinityDayForever #ExtremophileMovie

I dedicate this to my late friend, Leonard Nimoy.



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Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo

I am that I am...a lot more than the sum of who I became most famous for. The Free Advice Man, as written-up in The New Yorker magazine, was just the tip of it!