Where To Provide Sanctuary For Those Fleeing The Horrors of War?

Insight and Suggestions by Jean-Pierre A. Fenyo, Philosopher of Ethics, etc.

“Around the world, 82.4 million people have been forcibly displaced. That’s the most since World War II, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Jun 18, 2021.”

We witnessed and sub-experienced what Syrian Sunnis, Yazidis and Kurds fleeing Bashar Al-Assad’s insanity experienced, suffered and lost, and how the enormous influx of Syrian War refugees into the European Union changed things in very complex ways, with all sorts of short-term, mid-term and long-term reverberations and risks.

Obviously; to fail to ethically, logically, and compassionately help multitudes fleeing the most dire, inhuman circumstances and conditions, is not a realistic option in a World where technology, trade, travel and tourism mean that contagious diseases cannot be easily isolated, contained, especially when/where war, terrorism and natural disasters cause dangerous levels of instability, regionally and internationally.

And let’s not fool ourselves by failing to let the dangerous fools, the political opportunists, unethical, anti-democratic populist parasites, know that we are not fooled by their totally unrealistic, ignorant and illogical stupid ideas and fake solutions. Globalisation is a fait accompli, has happened, cannot be stopped, and must urgently be properly regulated, as must Capitalism itself!

Improperly, in effect inadequately, insufficiently and incorrectly regulated Capitalism is and has always been a national threat to the lives of citizens and guests, and, is an international security threat to all humanity. Isolationism is not possible, and efforts to reverse globalisation always backfire, in that they inevitably lead to internal and regional violent conflict, war and genocide. Unregulated Globalisation backfires in that it causes internal and regional instability, socio-economic collapse and gives rise to Kleptocratic, Plutocratic and Theocratic Oligarchies, Patriarchies and de-facto Autocracies.

World War One and World War Two, in effect what gave rise to the conditions and circumstances that resulted in those horrific world wars, should have long since provided more than sufficient evidence to the whole of humanity, that all efforts to maintain or establish non-democratic, anti-democratic systems of government ultimately, inevitably, always result in the most destructive wars and further damage an already severely harmed, perhaps irreversibly, biosphere.

Though this should be needless to state, it seems clear that for too many of our fellow humans of Planet Earth, the otherwise obvious is apparently not obvious enough; Nations are not separate planetary worlds separated by vast distances in space and time. A natural disaster or a violent internal conflict, or a conflict between neighbouring nations, will eventually negatively, often severely negatively, impact other nations too.

Nations, without exception, exist on a relatively small, fragile biospheric planet, where the only way to truly survive, for all humanity, is to constructively cooperate, creatively coexist, and cautiously coordinate in order to reduce and reverse the various very harmful effects of human conduct, in effect to end the threat caused by continuous pollution, deforestation, destruction of biodiversity, and socio-economic injustice, human rights violations and hence anti-democratic criminal enterprises; which try to present themselves in public as legitimate political parties until they somehow manage to fool enough of the people to gain control-power!

Fascisms … and all non-democratic, anti-democratic systems are forms of fascism ( Theocracy, Plutocracy, Kleptocracy, Autocracy, Oligarchy, Idiocracy ) … are actually nothing but criminal enterprises which terrorise people.

War Refugees are victims of such criminal enterprises. Both the ones that manage to be in direct political power, and the ones that parasitically profit off violent conflict, war, crime and corruption!

If war refugees, fleeing mass murdering, genocidal thugs, who are i.e. criminals, terrorists, fascists, cannot be provided sanctuary, safety, security, then they will mostly end up being murdered, perish prematurely, and yet others, having suffered the most horrific traumas and eternal losses of loved-ones, will, having been failed by the rest of humanity, come to realise that the only way left for them to be able to survive is if they are willing to become ruthless too and simply use violence to attain whatever they need to be able to survive and to eventually displace others in other to have their own national, ethno-cultural, or ethno-religious sanctuary!

When you really think about it: there is no real difference between natural wildlife, having had their own habitat wrecked by violating humans, going hungry, malnourished and desperately seeking food by risking their lives coming into our suburbs and even our inner cities, and war refugees seeking sanctuary. And there is no difference between us, currently non-war-refugees, ending up becoming as ruthless, barbaric and psychopathological as the very criminal thugs who caused those war refugees to become war refugees!

Okay. Most of my readers are similarly intelligent, critical thinking and wise, and know all this already. But there are so, so many people who don’t know these things and don’t yet understand why there is only one realistic, logical and ethical option: provide proper sanctuary, safety, security for war refugees and, thus, for all of our fellow citizens and other guests too! Because it is truly insane to provide sanctuary, safety and security for war refugees whilst failing to provide the same for one’s own fellow citizens and prior guests!!!

Are You getting a sense of where I am going with this, yet?

Let’s get right to point! Wishy-washy half-solutions are actually not really solutions at all, but are further violations of the human rights of those whose situations we must, should and can wisely, intelligently, logically, scientifically, compassionately and ethically solve.

As you may recall, back in September of 2015, the Egyptian Business genius billionaire Naguib Sawiris, made an offer to the EU to buy a couple of islands off Greece or Italy to help hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict, as part of what would have been a prototype example for a proper solution to providing proper interim sanctuary to war refugees. Whilst the offer was actually ignored and even ridiculed by some, Naguib himself, being a realist, did not fail to point out that the plan would require very flexible thinking and planning, in terms of the matter of legal jurisdictions, customs regulation, sustainability and security issues. Such an interim solution must only be part of a longer-term relocation, settlement and resettlement strategy. In that 2015 offer, it was understood that Sunni Syrians, being the largest sub-group of Syrian War Refugees, would be provided the larger of two islands, and the Yazidis, Kurds and others would be put on the smaller of the two. Furthermore: the islands would be truly remarkable in terms of how they would be furbished and made viable: they would be similar in quality to Club Med hotel resort villages, but there would also be an effort to set up Syrian style restaurants and various enterprises to allow for the gradual creation of a viable tourism and trade economy, where socially conscious tourists would be able to visit these islands, and which could produce items for sale around the EU, as well as NGOs being able to prepare families, couples, and individuals with language education courses, adult further education courses, and what not.

The EU’s key leaders failed to understand the overall idea, or had other ideas.

And while today’s Afghan War Refugee mega-crisis comes at a time when there is this ongoing, devastating, demoralising, confusing, dangerous global health crisis, all on top of the continuous after-effects of both the Global Financial Mega-Crises of 2007–2008 and of Brexit, as well as the four horrific years, time and opportunities lost as a result of Trump-ster-ism; there is every logical reason to re-examine the general idea and suggestion posited by Monsieur Naguib Sawiris.

Monsieur Naguib Sawiris, Egyptian Billionaire and Philanthropist.

To my way of thinking; the best way to adapt Naguib’s initial idea to the current reality would be to also include a donation of some of the large ships scheduled for the Ship Breaking Yards of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China…which can be refurbished and interconnected by metal plates and positioned right off the coast of these War Refugee Sanctuary Islands!
{ Of course; some capital compensation would be on offer to those Yards, whose workers would otherwise lose income }.

These Ships would be where new arrivals would first live, in quarantine, and where they would be screened and determinations would be made as to whether they would fare better off on the War Refugee Islands, or have connections elsewhere, where they might begin their new lives.

And let’s not risk be-fudging the bigger picture issue here: the global health crisis and the rapid increase in the employment of AI robots, AI computers, Autonomous machines, and other human-labour-replacing machinery, combined urgently necessitate the gradual but swift implementation of what I have long since coined: Asimovian Robotonomics …

What Is Asimovian Robotonomics?

Our fragile little Home Planet. There is no planet B. This is it! SAVE US ALL!

Our World is far more fragile than most people currently think it is and all Life is now in great danger.

Asimovian Robotonomics : An Ethical, Environmental, Scientific, Technological and Social System of Economics, as a form of UBI + UBH. Term coined in 2011 ( September 30th ) by silly little me ( Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo ), in honour of the late Grand-Master of Science-Fiction and Science-Faction, author and/or editor of over 500 books … considered the most prolific among the most influential SciFi and Pop-Science Authors of Planet Earth in the 20th Century ( 1920–1992 ). Asimovian Robotonomics has already indirectly influenced millions of people around the World. The basic introduction to Asimovian Robotonomics was published by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo in 2015 in what was then ‘OMNI-Reboot’ ( an E-magazine ), which later changed to ‘Futurism’, ‘Vocal’. #AsimovianRobotonomics

The 2015 Article: “Asimovian Robotonomics” at Futurism:

#AsimovianRobotonomics #UBI #AfghanWarRefugees



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